Leaked Snapchat pics turning up on the web


Snapchat Nudes Are Being Screenshot And Secretly Posted On Facebook:

You know those Snapchat pics that were supposed to be deleted but turned out that they’re not deleted? Now in a totally not surprising turn of events those not deleted pictures are turning up on the internet. Who didn’t see that coming from miles away?

In this latest turn of revenge porn some less than scrupulous websites are asking for explicit Snapchat pics without the subject’s consent.

So far to my knowledge there have not yet been any media reported instances of Snapchat child porn but since Snapchat is supposedly so popular with teens one would think that it would only be a matter of time.

Again parents I would advise to check your kids’ smartphones for the Snapchat app. It also may be a good time to tell them that once a picture hits the internet it’s out there forever and that it’s a poor choice that could badly impact their lives in the future.

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