Parents of TX teen shot and killed by police at school file lawsuit


Family of student killed at Cummings Middle School sue city:

In January of last year police in Brownsville, Texas shot and killed 15-year-old eighth grader Jaime Gonzalez in the halls of Cummings Middle School. Gonzalez was brandishing a realistic looking pellet gun pictured above. Police asked him multiple times to relinquish the weapon but Gonzalez refused leaving police no choice but to fire on him. Police were cleared of any wrongdoing by a grand jury later that year.

Now the parents of Jamie have filed a lawsuit against the city of Brownsville seeking compensation for physical and emotional injury, pain and suffering, along with funeral expenses and attorney fees.

Again I have to say that I am sorry for their loss however in my opinion the police acted exactly the way they should have. They assessed him as a threat and took appropriate action. As I’ve said before police are trained to aim at center mass and any kind of shoot to wound procedure is just TV foolery. Also I’m sure the police were devastated once they found out that the gun was not real.

If history is any indicator this lawsuit will more than likely be thrown out however if I was the city I would at least pay the funeral expenses and offer a little something extra to the family.

3 thoughts on “Parents of TX teen shot and killed by police at school file lawsuit”

  1. Wait, special snowflake brings realistic-looking weapon to school, brandishes it at cops, cops assume it’s real just like any normal person would and put down special snowflake? Quelle surprise.

    Christ. Even the worst cops don’t just shoot kids for shits and giggles. there are some VERY realistic-looking pellet guns out there, I have one. I would never point it at ANYONE, cop or not, because I’m not a fucking idiot who thinks it’s a brilliant idea to pretend to hold people at gunpoint. The cops did what they should, and what any gun user would: shoot before they got shot.


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