Teacher charged with enticing teen student over Snapchat

Fall River math teacher charged with enticing a child under 16:


I knew it was only a matter of time but here we have the first Snapchat arrest chronicled on this site. For those of you unfamiliar with Snapchat you can catch up here but in a nutshell it’s a smart phone app that deletes texts and photos after 10 seconds.

Anyway in Fall River, Massachusetts 27-year-old Adam Medeiros has been charged with allegedly enticing a 13-year-old girl over Snapchat among other things. Medeiros was a teacher at Talbot Middle School but has since resigned his position. He’s accused of not only sending inappropriate texts and photos but also having inappropriate conversations and contact with the student. For example…

Medeiros, 27, allegedly made inappropriate comments and gestures to the student, such as grabbing her belt.

In one incident, the victim told police that Medeiros pulled her shirt up and said, “I like the view from up here but I don’t want anyone else to see it,” according to police reports.

The girl said Medeiros invited her over to his apartment during the April vacation, said she looked “hot” and complimented her legs. The girl also said Medeiros made comments about a classmate’s backside, alluded to having had sex with another teacher and even texted her once while he was on a date, saying that he wished she was there with him, according to police reports.

And lastly…

On one occasion, the girl claimed that Medeiros warned her by saying, “You better not say anything to anyone or you would regret it if you tell someone,” according to court records.

In his defense Medeiros has said that he’s known the victim since sixth grade has a very friendly and casual relationship with her. Uh, that’s not really helping your case there pal. Teachers are supposed to have a professional relationship with their students, not a casual one. Not to mention the fact I don’t care how casual the relationship may be it is never appropriate to communicate with a student via Snapchat. That makes you look more guilty than anything.

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