Craigslist killing in Philadelphia

Willow Grove man arrested in Craigslist murder:

Willow Grove man arrested in ‘Craigslist murder’:

Police Release More Details in Alleged Craigslist Killing:

Thomas Coffee

Once again I find myself having to apologize for the tardiness of my posts. As I mentioned in my previous post I’ve been having some personal issues and blogging has been the last thing on my mind. However that should be no excuse. As bad as I have it there are people who have it worse.

For example a few Friday nights ago in Philadelphia 27-year-old Daniel Cooke, of Williamstown,New Jersey went to Philadelphia with a few friends. Not unheard of as Philly is a known nightspot for some of those in South Jersey. However Daniel was not going to Philly for a night on the town. Daniel and his friends went to the West Oak Lane section of Philadelphia to look at an ATV that had been advertised on craigslist. That’s where police say that he met up with 23-year-old Thomas Coffee.

Witnesses say that Coffee walked Daniel down the street and when was out of eyesight Coffee allegedly robbed Cooke and shot him in the face. Cooke died from his wounds at the scene. There was never any ATV according to police. Investigators say that this was a premeditated attack perpetrated by Coffee in order to lure and rob someone. Coffee is said to have a lengthy criminal record.

Even though Daniel Cooke may have made several mistakes in what he thought was a good faith business transaction Craigslist will try to tell you that there are safe ways to conduct business through craigslist. There aren’t. It doesn’t matter if you have friends with you or if you meet the seller or buyer during the day. I have posted story after story about people being attacked in what a lot of people would think are reasonably safe. That just means the safer you try to be the more brazen the criminal will try to act.

Do yourself a favor and avoid craigslist. They have lost the war to the criminals not that they ever put up much of a fight.

UPDATE 8/10/2015: Last week Coffee was convicted and sentenced to life without parole while maintaining his innocence. He claims that Cooke was killed by a biking friend of his named “Stead.” I believe that’s called the imaginary friend defense.

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