Man posing as craigslist photographer charged with rape

Man posing as photographer on Craigslist charged:

Man posing as photographer on Craigslist strangled and raped aspiring models in a Miami forest:

Anthony Molina-Iglesias

Sexual predators love to prey upon the vanity of their victims. Going back to the days of old MySpace I’ve lost count of how many predators used some form of what I call the modeling scam in order to gain access to their victims. Ages of the victims have run from pre-teens to women in their 20s. Allegedly 30-year-old Anthony Molina-Iglesias of Miami is no stranger to this particular ploy.

Molina-Iglesias has been charged with rape after allegedly luring two women to a secluded area after promising them a free modeling photo shoot on craigslist. After he took the women to his chosen spot he choked one until she passed out bound her with zip ties and raped her. He choked and bound the second woman as well but did not rape her. A third victim has also come forward stating that he raped her in a similar manner.

Allow me to address all the aspiring models out there. Craigslist is no place to find a photographer and I’ll tell you why. It doesn’t cost anything to place an ad on craigslist. Anyone can place an ad on craigslist saying that they’re a modeling agent, talent scout, photographer or whatever. That doesn’t necessarily make it true. The lower the level of entry the more suspect the person can be. Also don’t think craigslist is screening these potential predators. They’re not even lifting a finger.

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