We get letters: You were either molested or abused

Polk County (Fla.)Sheriff Grady Judd

I received the following e-mail not too long ago. Since in this country people are innocent until proven guilty I will keep the e-mailer’s name anonymous.

I would like to know if you truly believe all CL stings are 100% accurate. I am bipolar and during a tough time could not control my mania. I never asked for sex but looking for someone to hang with to mellow me out. Ground me. Eventually I agreed to whatever they want because I was not allowed over unless I agreed.

I never thought agreeing to somethingon internet means you actually have to do it.

My craiglist experience is that 20% percent of the time I meet someone off CL we have sex and most not the same day.

I know I am not a pedophile.
SHould my life be ruined cause the police convinced a mental health manic person to agree to commit a crime he was never looking for. With no child porn, no coaching or any activities with children.

You support and stereotype but isnt each case different

You should write a story with my case, and when writing a story you should put both sides, thats your responsibility in sharing information.

In the article they put out, they said I wanted to teach a 15 yr old to have sex. Yet I never said that, text it or emailed it. Thats just what they want you to believe.

I find your page ignorant and full of anger.
You were either molested or abused or something to have this much hate.

Its a sad day when a lonely adult cant go to an adult website to try to find a friend without being entraped for a crime.

Why cant an american go to plenty of fish, or match or craigslist to meet someone without being a criminal.

Through a little research, I was able to determine that I believe that the e-mailer was arrested in one of the many craigslist stings conducted by Polk County, Florida Sheriff Grady Judd. Sheriff Judd must have arrested dozens if not hundreds of alleged predators in his infamous stings by now. But I digress.

Please allow me now to address the e-mailer’s concerns.

Do I believe that all craigslist stings are 100% accurate? The law of averages would say no. I’m sure in at least a minority of cases entrapment may have been involved but I don’t think your case is one of them. If your charges have been dropped or reduced I would be more than happy to post a correction or have your name removed. However, in my research, I noticed that you have been allegedly arrested two more times since then for probation violations.

It’s no secret that I am also bipolar but never once in my worst times have I ever thought about ‘hanging out’ with someone who was underage. As I’ve said in the past the ‘hanging out’ line was the one guys on To Catch A Predator always used. If you need someone to hang out with go to a strip club. As long as you keep tipping the dancers they’ll be your best friends and best of all they’re of legal age.

If you’re getting laid legally 20% of the time on craigslist you’re playing a deadly game of Russian Roulette where you could end up being robbed or killed. See, I care about your well-being.

None of the articles I linked to said specifically that you wanted to teach a 15-year-old about sex. Odd that you would say that.

I was neither molested or abused and considering I was a Catholic altar boy until I was 17 that’s really saying something. I just happen to have a problem with people who try to allegedly take advantage of a child sexually and the websites that allow it.

Did the police solicit you for sex, did they message you first, did they come to your house? If not you probably weren’t entrapped.

You can go to any website you choose to meet someone. That is your right. However, if the someone in question is below the age of consent then you might be considered a criminal.

Personally, I think you need to not only get better help for your bipolar disorder but it sounds like you may have a sex addiction problem to work out as well. I hope you can get help.

4 thoughts on “We get letters: You were either molested or abused”

  1. I find it most curious how my reaction to the e-mail was, ‘Um, dude, did you leave your common sense in your other jeans?’ Jeez!

    Found it ironic, ‘Its a sad day when a lonely adult cant go to an adult website to try to find a friend without being entraped for a crime’. Really? If memory serves usually predators ask for the person’s age to make sure the victim’s in their preferred age range, so not buying it.

    The little plus to this mess is how he attacked you – and blames everything under the sun but the one who warrants it: himself.


  2. “I am not a pedophile.” You know, someone accused of wanting to meet teenagers for sex can say that without lying or being in denial. The technical term is “ephebophile.”

    Though it doesn’t make it any less creepy and gross, and yes, you CAN go onto adult websites without being a criminal. It’s called ADULT website for a reason. Craigslist isn’t one, anyone of any age can use it, and CL doesn’t do much to verify anything.

    “I never thought agreeing to somethingon internet means you actually have to do it.” Really? Fucking really? Did you agree to sex with a 15-year-old or not? Why the hell would you believe that nobody should expect you to do something you said you would do?

    The email is utterly incoherent and the guy can’t decide whether or not he’s a criminal or just some poor bipolar person with who got trapped by evil cops. Except I know some people who are bipolar, and they don’t agree to sex with teenagers on the internet, period, regardless of whether or not they plan to do it. Which they don’t, because that’s creepy and gross.


  3. Sex addiction was rejected for DSM V as ‘a bunch of bullshit’ – not an exact quote. I don’t think this guy can fall back on that as an excuse (not that it’s a very good excuse) for his behavior. Nor can Anthony Wiener, Tiger Woods or Special Agent Mulder, but at least their dalliances involved adults.


  4. Looking at the arrest data on Last House Call, only 6 guys scored prison. So i guess they let 15 pedophiles off the hook since there seems to be one case still pending. So that is 15 “alleged” pedophiles that they just put back into the community in Polk county, which is the king of Sting. I call bullshit! If these guys were true pedophiles they would score prison and LEO’s more than likely would have found CP on their computers etc. You want to know the truth? The truth is these men are not soliciting minors online using adult sites. Just because they say they’re 14 doesn’t mean you have to believe them, especially after they send a photo clearly of someone who is well into their 20’s. Florida needs to get a grip because at some point, someone is going to be held accountable for lying and putting innocent men behind bars. That is the reality!


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