More details on lawsuit against Brownsville, TX over pellet gun shooting


Cummings school shooting lawsuit draws response from city:

In January of 2012 15-year-old Jaime Gonzalez was shot and killed by Brownsville, TX police after he brandished a gun in the halls on Cummings Middle School. The gun, pictured above turned out to be a pellet gun. Police say that Gonzalez refused to relinquish the weapon and pointed it at officers. At that point any cop from any town would have no choice to open fire especially with that gun being brandished in a school. Police had no way of knowing the gun was only a pellet gun until it was all said and done.

Jaime’s parents then filed a lawsuit against the city seeking compensation for physical and emotional injury, pain and suffering, along with funeral expenses and attorney fees. Back in July (get used to that because it’s going to be a recurring the,e around here for a while) additional details about the lawsuit were released.

Now the lawsuit states that not only were Jaime’s Constitutional rights violated but that police charged in shooting first and asking questions later, There has also been accusations of racism against the Brownsville police officers. It states that one of the officers said that Jaime should just be buried in Mexico with all the other Mexicans. Except here are the names of the officers in question. Robert Aguilar, Everardo Longoria, Raul Cazares, Christian Munoz and Michael Baker. I wonder which one they’re accusing of the racist statement.

But let’s not lose focus of something here. Jaime, for whatever reason, was the one who took a realistic looking gun to a school in this day and age. So realistic looking enough that someone at the school called police. Everything that happened from that point on Jaime was responsible for.

The city is looking to and should have the lawsuit dismissed.

UPDATE 7/17/2014: The city settled out of court with the family for an undisclosed amount.

One thought on “More details on lawsuit against Brownsville, TX over pellet gun shooting”

  1. Yet if the police had tried to ask questions first when dealing with someone who brought a REAL gun, everyone would want their asses on platters for not acting quickly enough.

    The kid was stupid enough to bring a realistic-looking pellet gun to school. It’s tragic that a kid was killed for something so dumb, but seriously. It’s fucking STUPID to do that shit, especially after Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Sandy Hook. My sympathy’s rather limited.


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