Did Erica Parsons send IM to bio mom?

Erica Parsons’ missing poster

Online chats contradict parents’ story about missing teen Erica Parsons:

You can see my original post on Erica Parsons here.

The Salisbury Post has obtained transcripts of online chats that allegedly took place between Erica Parsons’ adoptive mother and her biological mother after the time that Erica was last seen by anyone.

If you’ll recall Erica was last seen in November of 2011 but was reported missing just this past July.

In January of Erica’s biological mother allegedly received a message from the adoptive mother’s account where someone claiming to be Erica said she didn’t want any contact with her biological mother anymore. Then in November of 2011 adoptive mom told bio mom that Erica was camping. Lastly in a message from March of this year adoptive mom allegedly says that she recently saw Erica.

Remember the adoptive family says that Erica is with her biological grandmother in Asheville that nobody can seem to prove exists. Let’s also remember that the adoptive parents were allegedly receiving government checks for Erica the entire time since November of 2011.

It seems obvious to almost everyone what’s really happened here but a fear of prison can make people not only lose their conscience, if they had one to begin with, but it can also make them think that they’re smarter than everyone else. Erica will eventually be found and people will go to jail for it.

2 thoughts on “Did Erica Parsons send IM to bio mom?”

  1. Trench, I’m not sure if you meant to link the Salisbury Post story, but the link goes to the original BB post. Here’s the SP story, which is well worth a thorough read: http://www.salisburypost.com/article/20130906/SP01/130909808/1023/online-chats-contradict-parents-x2019-story-about-missing-teen-erica-parsons
    Surely Facebook is archived, so that authorities would be able to see if there was ever an account in Irene Goodman’s name, and if this account ever had contact with the Parsons’ account. Is this not possible?
    Also, they are by their own admission guilty of fraud, for receiving Erica’s benefits when she was not living in the home. Why are they not in jail for this at least?
    I wish I had confidence that LE was on top of this and was just building an airtight case, but then I remember Kyron Horman, Isabel Celis, Hailey Dunn, Ayla Reynolds, Aliayah Lunsford, Sky Metalwala, Lisa Irwin and so many others… and I do not have faith in that at all.


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