Lessons in journalism courtesy of triple child killer Damien Echols

Damien Echols douche-goggles action figure now comes with kung-fu grip douche-beard

Falsely Accused Man Recounts 18 Years on Death Row:

Go ahead, read the deadline again then you can let out your exasperated sigh like I did. I guess it’s time for us lowly bloggers to dole out lessons in stuff like facts and the truth.

So convicted child killer Damien Echols, he of the West Memphis 3, gave one his infamous and I imagine oh so scintillating talks at Northwest Missouri State University. I assume Harvard is next on his tour. Anyway, it seems that local news journalists will just reprint any press release that a convicted killer would release. I’m not 100% positive on this but some of the things said in the article sound vaguely familiar…

One of the three men convicted in the case was Damien Echols, who was sentenced to death. At the time of the crime, he was an 18-year-old who had been in and out of jail and mental institutions.

However, in 2011, after 18 years in prison, Echols was released. DNA evidence pointed to another suspect.

Except it doesn’t.

Not only did Echols hype machine pull the wool over the eyes of local media but the ‘university’ as well.

“This is a story about adversity and it’s about ways to persevere,” said Aaron Johnson, a Geology professor at Northwest who is also chair of the university’s lecture series. “We want our students to recognize that there are very few mistakes you can make from which you can’t recover.”

Actually, the only lesson you’re teaching your students by bringing Echols to the school is that crime actually does pay. You see, in case you didn’t know Damien Echols is still a convicted murderer. He was released on an Alford plea which means the records still show that he is guilty. There’s been no exoneration nor will there ever be.

Echols was not wrongly accused. He was arrested, tried, convicted and had the convictions upheld. Anyone who believes otherwise is just a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy nut.

22 thoughts on “Lessons in journalism courtesy of triple child killer Damien Echols”

  1. I believe that to be admitted to Northwest Missouri State University you have to show a valid driver’s license. I could be wrong, however. A recent Walmart receipt might be sufficient.
    (Douche is just the right word when one begins to speak of this murderous con-artist.)


  2. Anyone heard about Damien’s phone call to the police in which he admits the crime and taunts the police?

    This could be a fake. I accept that. It may just be a talented voice artist with a sick mind. If it hasn’t been proved one way or the other..how about asking Echols to do a voice recognition test?

    My feeling is that if it was a true phone call, the police would’ve been all over it.

    Unlike that lot over at freethekillers.com or whatever they call themselves, I have an open mind.

    Just a thought.

    Not sure if you can post links here but here goes.


  3. Never heard about the phone call mentioned below and I doubt Echols did it but it seem like something the creep would do. For somebody who was so damn innocent he sure did have a ball taunting the true victims parents during the trial . He will always be the smarmy piece of crap who fooled people into believing him .
    By the way , what evidence has been found that proved beyond a doubt that the WM3 are innocent. I have had some hag named Deborah on Pinterest continue to assert this . I finally had to explain to her that the Alford Plea does not equate to being found innocent . She still didn’t get it but claims new proof (not the hairs found) had been found that proved 100% innocence . She could not explain why the three took the Alford Plea if evidence was found as the plea would not be needed. Finally got her to shut up by pointing out Echols is a fame whore who showed his true colors by turning on Baldwin after their release . Are these people just idiots who truly do not grasp the Alford Plea still has them on record as murderers or did Damien use his super douche powers to change the law. Ah…. can’t stand him and think he has managed to look even trashier than before .


    1. Really? It “seems” like something he would do? And you know what exactly about this man? Oh right, Nothing. Gotta love the stupid peanut gallery.


  4. Did you ever watch any of the documentaries regarding this case? Damien Nichols has Nothing to do with this. I really don’t understand how anyone could look at all the evidence and come to the conclusion that this man was anything but innocent.


  5. Why this was never admitted into the trial is beyond me but there WAS DNA linking Echols to the crime. There was blood from one of the boys found on his necklace. This may be due to a lack of investigative skills….who knows, but Echols knows the truth. I agree with you 1000%. These child killers are guilty, not just because of the Alford plea, but because they did it.

    This is the BEST read regarding the case. If you want to connect the dots, it’s a slow read but it DOES prove their guilt.

    http://callahan.8k.com (click on links at top of page)

    Great blog….and thank you for keeping the truth alive!


          1. info. and link here, it’s just the opposite of what nons believe and the state new it so never used it. DE bought another necklace on May 8th after the murder. The blood on the infamous necklace is JB’s….For about 12 years now, we have been told Damien was wearing the necklace at his time of arrest and that there were pictures Of Jason wearing the necklace, but it is the opposite here.. jason was arrested wearing it and there are Pictures of Damien wearing it..
            More screwed up(planted evidence) as far as I am concerned..

            Echols rule 37 Price said this:


            Claim 8: Counsel was ineffective for failing to have blood tested for DNA.

            When asked if additional tests would have benefited petitioner, Price testified that they would not have helped:

            A: No sir. As a matter of fact, that necklace that came up at the end of the trial that necklace at one time had been worn by Jason Baldwin. And the police photographs shows Jason wearing that particular necklace, and the blood the initial I believe that Jason Baldwin’s DNA blood typing and, I think, Michael Moore’s was consistent.

            The evidence proves the opposite.


    1. Uh no. The necklace has Damien and Jason’s blood on it. Do you people really think they would release these men from prison if they were absolutely sure they murdered those poor boys?. Get a grip.


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