Boy Scout volunteer charged with being craigslist creeper

Michael Engler

Police: Boy Scouts volunteer solicited sex from undercover officer posing as a 14-year-old boy:

Michael Engler: Boy Scout Volunteer Arrested In Undercover Sting For Coercing Minor Into Sex:

50-year-old Michael Engler of St. Charles, Missouri, has been arrested for allegedly soliciting sex from a 14-year-old boy that he met through craigslist. The Boy Scout volunteer is said to have responded to an ad in the casual encounters section posted by someone claiming to be 18-years-old that was looking for a ‘a teacher to learn from.’ Police say that Engler replied to the ad using the alias of ‘Bob Onya’ and when the ad poster revealed himself to Engler as being 14-years-old Engler used his Boy Scout cred to groom his victim…

At one point, Engler told the “fourteen -year-old” that he volunteered with the Boy Scout’s “Venturing” program, saying: “I get to hang out with young shirtless guys, and some of them wear Speedos under their wetsuits.”

A meeting was set up at a local ice rink where of course the 14-year-old turned out to be a task force that included the St. Louis County Police Department, the FBI, the United States Secret Service and the St. Charles County Cybercrime Unit. That’s right kids, Engler is looking at federal charges.

The BSA were quick to disassociate themselves with Engler and police believe there may have been other victims.

Anyone with information should contact the St. Louis County Police at 314-889-2341 or the St. Charles Sheriff’s Department at 636-949-0809.

It’s a shame that the Boy Scouts have been infiltrated by scumbags like this but unfortunately it’s not a new thing. I was in the Scouts myself for a brief period and while I was never assaulted it turned out that the Scoutmaster was a huge pedophile.

By the way craigslist, what are you doing to keep scum like this off of your website? Is that the sound of chirping crickets I hear?

UPDATE 5/8/2014: Engler was sentenced to five years in federal prison.

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