Sparks Middle School shooter named and other news


Sparks Releases Name of Sparks Middle School Shooter:

Sparks police did finally release the name of the shooter from Sparks Middle School last week and his name is Jose Reyes. Reyes ended up taking his own life after shooting two classmates and killing teacher Michael Landsberry.

Moms: Wounded sons weren’t targets in NV shooting:

The mothers of both 12-year-olds shot at Sparks Middle School last week have both said that neither of their sons were the targets of the 12-year-old shooter. So a school shooter shot someone who had nothing to do with him. A recurring theme since 1999.

Friend: Nevada shooter typical kid, not loner:

According to a friend of Reyes’ he never claimed to be bullied, while not the most popular kid in school he had friends and he even played soccer at the school.

Siobhan McAndrew: The kids that prove stereotypes are wrong:

If anything good can come from this tragedy it seems that a group of about 35 male students of the school placed themselves between Reyes and their female classmates basically acting as human shields for the girls. They may just the bravest group of middle schoolers.

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