Dane Abdool appeals death sentence over execution drug

Court Filing Challenges Florida’s New Execution Drug:

Dane Abdool
Dane Abdool

Dane Abdool is appealing his Florida death sentence over the new lethal injection drug midazolam. Abdool’s supporters argue that it could be cruel and unusual punishment after a prisoner moved more than usual during past executions.

When this argument comes up I always have to give a dark chuckle. Hanging if done right broke the neck instantly causing death. A firing squad was as quick and painless as they get. With lethal injection the prisoner just goes to sleep before taking the big sleep. To speak of cruel and unusual when it comes to the likes of Dane Abdool insults the memories of his victim.

You see, Abdool is a holdover from the days when I had a website called News of Doom. The stories featured on that site were about the worst that humanity had to offer. When Abdool was first arrested back in 2006 his friends and family flooded the site defending Abdool acting like he was a choir boy. Hardly.

If you’re not familiar with the story back in 2006 a then 20-year-old Abdool was arrested in the murder of his 17-year-old girlfriend Amelia Sookdeo. He killed her because he thought that she was pregnant. Except he didn’t just kill her. He forced her out of his car on a county road where he forced her into a ditch and set her on fire. He covered her in gasoline and SET HER ON FIRE. A 17-year-old girl who he thought was carrying his child. It turns out that Amelia wasn’t even pregnant.

So whatever anti-death penalty pansy ass shyster is appealing his sentence they should be ashamed of themselves. Cruel and unusual is the way that Amelia Sookdeo died. First the oxygen being drawn out of her body before the intense heat just melts the skin off of her muscles and bones. You’re going to tell me that’s not cruel and unusual?

It would only be cruel and unusual if they executed Abdool by dousing him in gasoline then setting him on fire while he’s spit roasted over an open flame so he burns evenly. That would also be justice.

You want to know why the United States has the largest prison population in the world? There’s no deterrent to keep people out. Anybody can get off.

8 thoughts on “Dane Abdool appeals death sentence over execution drug”

  1. It’s always the worst, most sadistic killers who fight so hard to save their own lives. Cowards. did, mutant, did. If only he could die the way his poor gf did.


    1. Absolutely.. I am so sick of hearing how these people feel their punishment is cruel and unusual. Setting your girlfriend on fire because you think she is pregnant is an absolute example of cruel and unusual. We are supposed to give a sentence that fits the crime. I say we do unto him what he did to her. No matter how bad your relationship is or was you have no right to take that persons life much less over the fear that you selfish self may have to pay child support and be a parent. When are we going to take people who kill others like this and make them the example. Scare the hell out of society with the reality of what could happen to them if they do it and then maybe everyone will stop for five seconds and think before they murder.


  2. lets think this through.. your going to go to jail if you do something.. man lets just pretend you did it becuz your obviously capable and just chill out here like you were in jail..


  3. You are definitely a populist, you write this article with information from the local news distorted version of what happened, I remember this very well and knew the ” Victim” not to speak ill of the dead but she was a very disturbed person who was sexually abused by her father and physically abused by her mother, she was a stalker and had many issues, she was also a pathological liar…it was sad what her parents did to her and how she eventually died ,its i wonder that they did not eventually kill her, they were the first suspects in her dissappearance sad for the both of them..her and Dane the situation was not what you have protrayed at all You should always protect your integrity when you report a story and get the real story not the proproganda from other news sources looking for rating, shame on you, you are not a real reporter , you are just out to sensationalize and push opinions on other, May she now rest in peace.


  4. And where are the reports of this sexual and physical abuse? Of stalking? Sounds like a family member or friend of the murderer trying to discolor the innocent victim of an atrocious homicide! Disgusting


  5. Okay, so I taught at W. Orange High School and had BOTH Dane and Amelia in my class. Dane was a loner. He sat in the corner, disrupted class, and never turned in amy assignments. Amelia, on the other hand, was a very very bright girl. She was incredibly intelligent and had a very bright future. I did not witness this crime, nor did anyone else who is leaving comments on here. Only God and Dane know what occured that night. So how about we leave the judgement to God?


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