Florida teacher charged with Snapchatting his junk to student

BCSO: Teacher used Snapchat to share obscene material with student:

Joseph Lamar Johnson
Joseph Lamar Johnson

That sounds painful doesn’t it? Anyway, back in November, 24-year-old Joseph Lamar Johnson was arrested for allegedly sending pics of his junk to a 15-year-old girl through the smartphone app Snapchat. As you may know Snapchat’s supposed allure is that the pics are supposed to self-destruct after ten seconds. Also as many have shown there are many ways of getting around that. This story obviously shows that as well.

Johnson is a teacher at Mowat Middle School in Lynn Haven, Florida and is accused of sending the picture to a former female student who is 15-years-old. It seems that Snapchat is the preferred tool of choice by teacher creepers. In the short time that I’ve been posting about Snapchat, Johnson is the third teacher I’ve posted about getting in trouble by using it.

Hey guys, let me let you in on a little secret. Do you know how you can send pics like this to minors without getting in trouble? You can’t, so stop doing it.

Also is Florida like the pedo-defender capital of the world? The first comments in the article are quick to question the victim’s veracity. It’s almost akin to witness intimidation. They prey upon these articles and leave these comments almost to try to make sure that victims like this girl won’t come forward in the future.

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