Craigslist robber accused of killing accomplice

William McRae

Police: Alleged Craigslist robber killed accomplice for talking too much:

Here’s another story that I’m woefully behind on and yet another craigslist killing, although this one is a little different.

Back in December, William H. McRae of Long Pond, Pennsylvania was charged with the murder of 20-year-old Brandon Fraser. Back in July, police say that the pair lured an unsuspecting man into a robbery using a casual encounters ad, posing as an 18-year-old female looking for no strings sex. I’m beginning to feel that guys who respond to these ads get what they deserve, but I digress. It wasn’t their victim that was killed, although he was beaten and robbed of his cellphone, cash and what was left of his dignity.

They would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those meddling kids…I mean Fraser’s mouth. According to reports, Fraser was bragging about the robbery and McRae allegedly felt he needed to go. So, McRae is said to have lured him to a secluded spot, where he shot Fraser in the head. McRae is being held without bail.

So, we have a few morals from this tale. The first is it doesn’t matter what side of the craigslist crime you’re on you can still end up dead, the hot girl from craigslist doesn’t really want you (or exist) and craigslist really needs to either moderate or get rid of the casual encounters section. They won’t though since they got rid of the erotic services section, the casual encounters section is what drives the most traffic to the site, and they won’t moderate it because they can’t be bothered.

UPDATE 3/38/2014: Apparently there was an actual woman who was used as the bait. Her name is Emily Woodman, and she has recently pleaded guilty to her role in the robbery.

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