Justin Adams pleads guilty to manslaughter in his wife’s death, walks out a free man

Justin Adams pleads guilty, walks free in death of wife, unborn child:

Justin Adams pleads guilty, sentenced in wife’s death:

Justin Adams Pleads Guilty In Deaths Of Pregnant Wife, Unborn Child:

Justin Adams
Justin Adams

A grave injustice occurred today. Justin Adams pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges in the death of his wife Jaymie Adams and their unborn child. Jaymie was a prostitute being pimped out by her husband and was found stabbed to death in Oklahoma City. Early reports seemed to indicate that Justin Adams was the culprit especially considering that he took out an insurance policy on his wife and was allegedly having an affair. Leaving out the whole part about his alibi being questionable at best.

Then all off a sudden police turned their attention to Joseph Cyr. Reports have said Cyr was one of Jaymie’s customers who met her the night she died. They also say that Cyr’s DNA was found on Jaymie even though the coroner’s report mentions no such thing.

In case you couldn’t tell I think Adams is the killer and Cyr is innocent.

When Adams was the suspect the police couldn’t keep their mouth shut about all the evidence they had on him. Now with Cyr all they say is they have his DNA but I have yet to hear any conclusive evidence that indicates that Cyr had any reason for killing Jaymie.

Now thanks to double jeopardy Justin Adams will never serve a day for a murder I believe he committed.

Thanks to Hanna for the tip.

5 thoughts on “Justin Adams pleads guilty to manslaughter in his wife’s death, walks out a free man”

  1. Joseph Cyr has been locked up for almost a year and has yet to even get his preliminary hearing. Whats his chances of having a acquittal? Cops have far more on justin than they seem to have on joe. Guess time will tell. See if they can pull a rabbit out of their hats.. lol


    1. The only thing I can possibly think of that’s even remotely possible is that they have some kind of smoking gun on Cyr that they’re not making public yet. Otherwise this just seems like a botched investigation.


      1. Suspense is building, could joe have done that!? Its a U2 song called EXIT.. now on another tune, justin adams and his clan sings so lets raise our glass to better days! Forget the past and our wicked ways!!!


  2. Joe lived across the street from us and it was not comfortable. one key piece I could provide you is that right around the time this woman went missing but before it hit the news, he packed up his new girlfriend, their horses and dogs and moved. practically in the middle of the night. it was pretty odd.


    1. According to Cyr’s ex-girlfriend…

      Schultz says the affidavit for Cyr’s arrest is misleading. They did not skip town after Jaymie’s disappearance, but instead relocated to the Tulsa area because of her job. Schultz says they notified detectives about that move and made sure police had their contact information after.



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