Joseph Cyr held over for trial in Jaymie Adams murder

Choctaw man accused of killing woman and her unborn child to face trial:

Joseph Cyr
Joseph Cyr

Today Joseph Cyr was in an Oklahoma City court and ordered to be held over for trial in the murder of Jaymie Adams. More details of the investigation have been made public but I’m still not convinced of Cyr’s guilt.

Reports have long been saying that police found Cyr’s DNA on Jaymie’s body even though that was not included in the initial autopsy report. Now they’re saying that it was in her body. Since she was advertising herself as a prostitute on craigslist this should not come as a shock. I’m not trying to condemn the victim but that is a fact. That still doesn’t mean that Cyr killed her especially considering the alternative.

Jaymie Adams’ husband, Justin Adams, was originally thought to be her killer and I suppose that is still the case. Unfortunately he’ll never see a day in jail as he pleaded guilty to manslaughter and then walked out of court. Supposedly Adams is going to be a witness for the prosecution. If that’s the case then justice isn’t only blind it’s also brain-damaged, but I digress.

Previously I’ve posted about how Adams had allegedly taken out a life insurance policy on his wife and how he was having an affair. With today’s testimony it gets better.

Today Adams testified that he would normally go with his wife on her calls to make sure she was safe, you know, like most pimps do. Except that night he decided to stay home and watch the kids. How convenient. He also said that this was going to be her last night of hooking. This sounds even more like a made for Lifetime movie.

Could Joseph Cyr be the actual killer? Absolutely. The problem is I have yet to hear what his motive was for killing Jaymie and her unborn child. Justin Adams, on the other hand, had plenty of motive, in my opinion.

If the Oklahoma City police can admit that they allegedly screwed up in investigating Justin Adams how do we know they haven’t screwed up by letting him go?

6 thoughts on “Joseph Cyr held over for trial in Jaymie Adams murder”

  1. Justin adams the star witness?!! LOL he lied right from the get go! When asked about the life insurance he said “todate, I dont know” his family member had already posted on a sight that he wasnt getting it leaving his family to have to pay up his defense! Why would it be jaymies last nite of hooking when they both were unemployed? She was how he made his money other than his new girlfriend. Every time his lips move he’s telling a lie! Really, how can the courts believe anything he says? LAME.. SO VERY LAME


  2. Another fact that bothers me with justin adams in this case is his wife is missing but he’s hook up wih another woman. Jaymie is found a month later with a shattered jaw and 29 stab wounds to her head , face and back! Justin in jail asking this new girl friend to marry him and would she be open to swing.. knowing jaymie was just brutally murdered by so he says someone still on the loose ??!!!!! How many times did jaymie call the law on him?! She even seek help with her children at a womens shelter!!! But yet, he’s the star witness!! OMG


  3. Justin made the statement that he had and called Joseph cyr and joe told him he had a wife and baby on the way and didnt want any trouble.. that doesnt sould like a man that just bashed a woman face in and stab her 29 times hours earlier!!


  4. Hello I was Jaymie Adams best friend. Her, Justin and the children lived with me three months prior to her disappearance and murder. I believe Justin murdered her, he is a very violent man. Even though they lived with me and the police were called to my home, I was never contacted about Justin’s history of abuse instead the police interviewed his father about the abuse! My stomach turned when they let him go! I would be interested in speaking with you about this. I too have a hard time believing Joseph cyr murdered Jaymie.


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