Scott Shefelbine appeal for new trial denied again

Tolland Sex Offender Loses Appeal:

Scott Shefelbine
Scott Shefelbine

The most prolific sex offender in the MySpace era, in my opinion, is back in the news again. Scott Shefelbine was arrested over a dozen times for charges relating to MySpace and underage girls. I think you can connect the dots. Each time his parents would pst his bail including putting up their home and business. Eventually, a judge got smart to Shefelbine’s habit and revoked his bond.

Back in 2008 Shelfelbine entered a guilty plea and was sentenced to 20 years back in 2008. Since that time he’s been trying to have his guilty plea withdrawn. He had an appeal for a new trial rejected once before in 2012. 2014 was no different as Shefelbine had his appeal new trial rejected once more.

Considering this is a guy who would search for new victims even after he was arrested he should consider himself lucky that he got a 20-year plea deal. Come on Scoot, you only have 14 years left. Stick it out like a trooper, won’t you?

Back in the day, I was hoping he would have gone to trial because he was looking at a life sentence.

5 thoughts on “Scott Shefelbine appeal for new trial denied again”

  1. I remember this story from back when, but I missed the bit about the 20 year plea bargain, or possibly blocked it from my memory. So… shouldn’t he have been required to wave his appeal rights as part of the plea bargain? Isn’t that usually how pleas are structured? Perhaps that’s why his appeal has been rejected twice now. Given his astronomically high risk to re-offend, I wouldn’t be surprised if he does every last minute of the 20.


    1. Not necessarily. I posted a story not too long ago about a kid who was sentenced to 45 years after a school shooting after entering into a plea deal and that was thrown out on the basis of ineffective counsel which I believe that Shefelbine is arguing.

      Thanks for the comment.


  2. Or did he just plead guilty and hope for the best? I notice you don’t mention a “deal” anywhere in the article, just the plea itself, but given his parent’s largess and his obvious lack of remorse, that just doesn’t seem likely to me.


  3. No doubt Shelfbine would pick up right where he left off when he is released from prison. There will be at least one more victim when he is released.


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