Trench on the Isla Vista shootings

Not pictured Elliot Rodger
Not pictured Elliot Rodger

I debated on whether or not I would post about the Isla Vista shootings then I figured maybe both of my readers would like to hear my thoughts. This will probably be the only post I make on the subject.

The media seems to want to make this out as some sort of school shooting as evidenced by all the news alerts I keep receiving about the deadliest campus shootings in US history referencing names like Cho Seung-Hui and Stephen Kazmierczak. Even though a lot of residents of Isla Vista attend UC Santa Barbara I would not consider this a school shooting in the unfortunate sense we’ve all come to know even though there are similarities.

Like most school shooters Elliot Rodger had an over-inflated sense of entitlement and used violence to try to resolve his own inadequacies. As evidenced in his YouTube videos Rodger felt that he not only deserved women but that the world owed it to him. It’s also believed that Rodger died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound like also like most school shooters. What I prefer to call taking the coward’s way out. Rodger also had many online rants and manifestos documenting his ‘plight’. Even with all those similarities I wouldn’t call this a school shooting or even a campus shooting as Rodger did not attend UCSB and didn’t see the school as the root of the problem. Not to mention that the shooting didn’t even take place on campus. None of that matters anyway since a number of families are mourning the victims of this spoiled psychopathic assclown.

Let’s examine his supposed motive for a second. Rodger felt slighted by the world because he was 22, didn’t have a girlfriend and was still a virgin. To that I say, get in line pal. I was one of those kids who didn’t have a girlfriend all through high school. To me rejection from a woman was the worst possible thing I could possibly think of. It wasn’t until I was almost 20 until I lost my virginity and I didn’t have rich parents or a cool car either. When most guys are frustrated that they can’t find a woman they engage in a certain private activity and go to sleep, not commit mass murder. For any kids out there that think what this scumbag did is the way to go I say wait. You may be without a girl now but more than likely you will find your stride. Be patient, I eventually found mine and I was a geek before it was even remotely considered cool.

Another thing I wanted to touch on is that I’ve seen reports that say Rodger had Asperger’s. Again I have to reiterate to the more ignorant among us that not every person with Asperger’s is a killer in waiting. While it may have explained his lack of game with the female persuasion Rodger was obviously broken in other ways That caused him to think that committing mass murder was the rational response to not having a girlfriend. You can’t have a girlfriend when you’re dead and you’ll probably be one in prison.

Life isn’t fair kids. It never has been and it never will be. Sometimes the douchebag will get the hot girl. That’s just the way it is. The sooner you learn that and accept it the better off you’ll be as a more well-adjusted human being. You can’t change the world but you can change the world around you by being a better person.

13 thoughts on “Trench on the Isla Vista shootings”

  1. As I said on your FB site. Being a creepy, needy, whiny little bitch is not an aphrodisiac to most women.


  2. And I’ll go out on a limb and guess that, considering his first attempted target was a sorority house, and his displayed ego, he was after the Alpha females….the 10’s. my dad is a fucking hollywood director of a major studio, I drive a BMW, I’m spoiled and rich I deserve a freaking Alpha female 10! Who probably didn’t give him the time of day.


  3. Look, he had what most girls, esp shallow ones, a cool car, money, good looks …. so what WAS it that made even the not so bright girls run the other way? really? What was it that turned them off and made them not go out with him? Probably his attitude of entitlement… which probably would have made him something of a sexual sadist.

    Too bad his parents didn’t have the good sense to get him in to treatment much much earlier.. and not just an ‘analytic talk’ therapy but a cognitive and directed therapy that would have taught him how to have successful interpersonal relationships. IF they had committed him, it would have been on a record that would have kept him from buying a gun. BUT because they were so timid and ‘afraid’ they didn’t do an INVOLUNTARY committment which would have been a red flag and kept him fro buying them. SO if you are going to have background checks. MAKE THEM MEANINGFUL&gt


  4. You’re right. Life isn’t fair for anybody. Everybody endures some suffering and teaching your kids anything different is doing them an injustice.


  5. this has all the signatures of a terrorist attack against college students. There are more crimes / accidents / attacks against students against housing or on streets which have less security than the main campus. Nobody, not even me suspects the possibility that this could be one of number of attacks as part of a greater war against not just schools but various soft targets using the lame cover story of hating women. If he had no such cover story, he would just be a terrorist. No one is a lone gun/knife/car gunman. This was a suicide mission for a greater cause, and his cover story is a lie. To stop these, you have to find out who he was really fighting for.


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