Damien Echols ironically says only the guilty want closure

Damien Echols can't see irony through his douche goggles
Damien Echols can’t see irony through his douche goggles

When I saw the headline “Only the guilty want closure in West Memphis Three case” I thought finally the press is giving time to someone who doesn’t believe the WM3 hype machine. That sentiment was dashed when I saw that the article was written by convicted triple child murderer Damien Echols himself.

In an editorial published by the Arkansas Times, Echols continually tries to hold on to his 15 minutes. Feel free to read the entire article but let’s take a look at some select quotes from Mikey.

(Scott)Ellington may be the only person on the planet who believes there is “closure” in my case.

First off do you notice that he said his case. I thought it was the case of the three murdered boys. At least he could have said our case referring to the other two convicted child killers but no. You can pretty much figure out Damien Echols in that one short sentence. It’s all about him.

It was easy for him to seek closure, of course; he was not sitting in solitary confinement on death row for a crime he did not commit. Thankfully, the Supreme Court did not listen and ruled unanimously to review our wrongful convictions.

Except they didn’t. They granted a hearing to see if the supposed DNA evidence was enough to grant a new trial, but why let the truth get in the way of a good story. Also how can he continue to call it a wrongful conviction when his defense team approached the DA’s office with the suggestion of the Alford plea?

No one wants closure more than me, Jason Baldwin, Jessie Misskelley and the families of the murdered children.

Except four of the six family members of the victims believe that Echols and company are guilty.

Now with the opening of “Devil’s Knot,” the latest film on this tragedy, some are once again calling for closure. After all, aren’t four documentaries, a feature film, books, numerous network television features, hundreds of newspaper and magazine stories, blogs, bloggers, websites and God knows how many tweets on the murders of the three boys, enough? I guess not.

None of those things are evidence let alone unbiased.

DA Scott Ellington should keep his promise to review new evidence given to him by my defense team in a meaningful manner, and he should avoid giving comfort to the real killer and discouraging new witnesses from coming forward by proclaiming that the case is “closed.”

What evidence is he speaking of? Not the outlandish pot smoking gay tryst scenario? That doesn’t even qualify as being a Weekly World News story let alone evidence.

Damien Echols was released from death row in Arkansas in August of 2011. He and his wife, Lorri Davis, live in New York City.

What happened to Salem? Did the locals get tired of having a child killer among them?

He’s right about one thing though. There will never be closure on this case as long as the killers walk free and as long as Echols keeps his name in the media. I’d settle for the closure of his lying mouth.

21 thoughts on “Damien Echols ironically says only the guilty want closure”

  1. I saw an article the other day that indicated their convictions were overturned. I’m sorry underpaid [possibly unpaid] huffpost writer, but Alford =! overturned, in any sense. Guy is still a convicted childkiller, and always will be. Bad Journalism huffpost, or what poynter would call a “teachable moment”.


  2. I’m simply astounded that there are still people out there who believe the WM3 are guilty.

    They cite Jessie’s statements. Take the time and READ THEM. They are ridiculous at best – http://www.dpdlaw.com/jmstatements.htm. Only someone with an IQ lower than Jessie’s could possibly cite these as a basis to believe in guilt. They’re internally inconsistent and don’t align with ANY of the physical evidence – not one piece.

    They cite Damien’s psych issues, as if this substituted for evidence. There was not a single hair, fingerprint, footprint, drop of blood, or strand of DNA that linked back to the WM3. In spite of Damien having shoulder length black hair and always wearing Army boots, which leave a somewhat distinctive print.

    Asserting that the WM3 are guilty does nothing more than make you look foolish.

    Even the victims’ families (with the exception of the Moores, who refused to meet with the investigators in 2007) have seen the truth. The WM3 aren’t guilty. Hobbs most probably is.


    1. Well, let’s see…

      “They’re internally inconsistent and don’t align with ANY of the physical evidence – not one piece.”

      Except for Jessie knowing which boy was cut on the face, which had his genitalia cut, and which didn’t have any cuts on him, which kid was wearing what clothes, and that Michael Moore was found further away from the other two.

      I read the above link. It’s nice if you don’t know anything about the case. Like if you didn’t know Jessie’s “alibis” were shredded under cross-examination. Or that rape was “inconclusive” not “no proof of”. Or that the area was cleaned up (bank slicked off). Otherwise it’s just more white noise put out by supporters who know most won’t double check their “facts”.

      “They cite Damien’s psych issues, as if this substituted for evidence.”

      No, they cite Damien’s psych issues because supporters claim Damien was just “different” and “misunderstood”.

      “There was not a single hair, fingerprint, footprint, drop of blood, or strand of DNA that linked back to the WM3.”

      I notice you omitted fibers. Why not? It’s as conclusive as the Hobbs’s hair.

      “Even the victims’ families (with the exception of the Moores, who refused to meet with the investigators in 2007) have seen the truth. The WM3 aren’t guilty. Hobbs most probably is.”

      Are you serious?

      Terry Hobbs (obviously you aren’t going to count that one), Todd Moore, Dana Moore, and Steven Branch Sr. believe the 3 are guilty. Melissa Byers also went to her grave believing D/J/J were guilty. JMB and Pam believe their innocence. JMB is the only one who believes Hobbs did it. If you don’t know that fact, imagine what else you don’t know.


        1. Did you even read what I wrote.
          That cute little link you post (constantly) might sway someone who’s not familiar with the case. Someone who’s not drinking the WM3 Kool-Aid on the other hand? Nope… sorry.
          I love how it points out an inconsistency but doesn’t note when Jessie admits in a later confession to purposefully lying (ex. the brown rope). I also like how it refuses to acknowledge what he got right (examples above). Lastly I love how it mentions B.S. like Jessie’s alibi witnesses never mind that they were shredded under cross examination, proven to be incorrect by documents, or had their testimony discredited by other witnesses.
          Your link is about as truthful as the PL trilogy.


          1. “an inconsistency”? Are you kidding? What kind of knife? The only things Jessie said were items already in the media. “Little” things like “What kind of injuries sustained”(claims of beatings that left no marks, claims of stab wounds but no stab wound of over 2” depth), the whole thing…. I’m sorry, but it’s an IQ test — if you can actually read Jessie’s statements and still believe in guilt… you fail.

            What’s funny is that you’re doing exactly what you accuse supporters of doing…. instead of the merits, you peddle this kool-aid about how it was an HBO story that’s behind the exposure of the abortion of justice of the convictions. Right – based Mara Leveritt (Devil’s Knot) didn’t spend 1000+ hours as a reporter covering the case since day one? Because every single person who has dedicated countless hours to it (funny how you mention Callahan, but “forget” to mention he came out as a supporter years ago) is just duped by a couple movies? Puh-lease.


          2. “an inconsistency”? Are you kidding”

            It was one example… hence the “ex” in front of it. Would you like a dictionary?

            “The only things Jessie said were items already in the media.”

            Dana Moore, Pam Hobbs, and Melissa Byers all testified they weren’t aware of any specific injuries. I’m pretty sure they would’ve known.

            “Right – based Mara Leveritt (Devil’s Knot) didn’t spend 1000+ hours as a reporter covering the case since day one?”

            There was a post on the old Hoax board where someone was nice enough to break down Devil’s Knot and point out every thing Mara either got wrong or left out. I remember these highlights:
            -Jessie was considered mildly retarded. Never mind the defenses’s own expert testified Jessie’s IQ tested 10 points higher a year ago, Jessie’s answers showed signs of being untruthful, and in the 1st PL movie there’s a scene where his attorney’s tell him a lower score might help him avoid the death penalty.
            -Jessie immediately recanted. So why are there multiple confessions spanning months?
            -The 3 had trouble moving their trials. Both trials were moved away.

            I’m sure there’s more I can’t remember.

            “(funny how you mention Callahan, but “forget” to mention he came out as a supporter years ago)”

            You are a special kind of idiot, aren’t you? “Callahan” isn’t a person.

            It’s a mixture of supporters and nons. 2 of the 3 origional creators are supporters and people listed in the credits list are a mixture of supporters and nons. They named the web site after Clint Eastwood’s character “Dirty Harry” Callahan.

            “I’m sorry, but it’s an IQ test — if you can actually read Jessie’s statements and still believe in guilt… you fail.”

            Only if the defense is interperting the results.


        2. Oh man.Hobbs was right there in the woods at 7pm.On foot!

          So while in the BB Woods, on foot right past 7pm, Terry Hobbs was unable to walk to and locate any of the following–
          1)three 8yr olds 2)3-4 clear walk paths 3)2 bicycles
          4)the only ditch 6) 3 teenagers 7) any noise (like kids screaming).

          The BB Woods was just the size of a residential block, if that.Hobbs was, at most, within 100 yards of the ditch the whole time he was inside the woods “looking around”.

          All’s he had to do was follow ANY 1 of the 2-3 paths that ALL led to the ditch and he could have prevented this melee and tragedy! Admittedly, “he didn’t know what he was looking for” (ha).

          OR, he could have driven all the children home like a normal decent non-enraged human, instead of commiting the act he did…


    2. I have never seen any evidence presented that Hobbs is responsible, other than he’s not a WM3 so it must be him right! Right…

      I think you’re downplaying the importance of that “distinctive print”. You see, a good bootprint is about as good as a fingerprint. There’s this phenomenon called “tread wear” wherein, when a guy like Echols wears a boot around for awhile, the tread wears down based on factors that are unique to a person, such as their gait, pace, balance, the surfaces they cross etc. This leads to the tread being unique to about 1 in 1 million after a manner of months. I’ve seen plenty of murder cases built on this as the primary piece of evidence.

      Then there’s the whole confession of Echols co-conspirator. Contrary to the beliefs of the “West of Memphis” crowd no court has ever determined said confession was coerced.

      My point it, there was a REASON this was an Alford plea, and not an acquittal. As an Alford plea suggests, the courts had overwhelming evidence against the trio. Key word: Overwhelming. Not “non-existent” which is the narrative the West of Memphis crowd has been spoonfeeding the media for the past decade.


      1. Vega…. what’s your point? There was one shoe print found at the scene. It wasn’t Damien’s size, Jason’s size, nor Jessie’s size. It was Terry Hobbs’ size. So let’s agree that shoe prints are worth a few points.

        Steve Branch always had his boy scout knife with him. His mom says “always.” It was never found in 1994. It was found in 2003 in a box of knives Terry Hobbs had and was trying to get rid of (putting it into the trunk of his car).

        Hobbs was washing clothes at 2:00 a.m. on the day the kids went missing. I mean, what better time to get caught up one’s laundry, right?

        Hobbs’ DNA was (1 in 3,000 that it wasn’t his) in the shoelace used to tie Michael Moore.

        Hobbs lied about his alibi, claiming he was with Mark Byers from 7:00 pm. Mark didn’t see him until 8.

        Hobbs said he never saw the boys the day they died. Two neighbors with no reason to lie say otherwise.

        Hobbs was never interviewed by the WMPD. He left Pam a couple of weeks after he killed her stepson Steve.

        Hobbs had a history of violence, breaking into a neighbor’s house and attempting to rape her.

        Hobbs was repeatedly, physically abusive toward Steve, hitting him with belts so as to leave marks. Steve’s mother said he appeared openly jealous of the relationship between Steve and his mom. Hobbs had just caught Pam messing around on him.

        Hobbs didn’t even call the police until after he picked Pam up from work after 9:00 p.m.

        Years after he killed the boys, Hobbs told his girlfriend that he found the bodies during the night (using the unusual phrase that the boys were “buried underwater”) but didn’t tell anyone as he didn’t want to be accused of killing them. Then, in his interview with the WMPD (its on YouTube), Hobbs uses the phrase “buried underwater” in reference to where the boys were (he didn’t yet know his ex had given an affidavit that phrase).

        There’s considerably more…. but right there is a whole lot more evidence than exists against the WM3.

        And… agian…. Read. Jessie’s. Statements. http://www.dpdlaw.com/jmstatements.htm


        1. I can’t believe I read all…
          dat shit
          by you.

          I mean, he served his reneged sentence. Even if I don’t personally consider the sentence “just” he did serve his time, and I do believe in rehabilitation, however a key part of rehabilitation is acceptance of the wrongs you have committed. I don’t see any of that in Echols, whom, in a different world, could’ve been a reform case. Instead he’s just playing to the narrative concocted by Depp, Jackson and whomever made that shitty documentary. He doesn’t accept that he harmed others. Which means he’s still a potential threat. Giving a person like that screentime to espouse his bullshit is morally wrong in my mind.


  3. What a douche bag this author is. Talk about wanting their 15 minutes–riding on the coattails of someone who spent nearly half his life confined for something he did not do.

    Do you morons actually THINK that the state of Arkansas would have released them if they KNEW they were guilty and they could still keep them locked away? No way!

    Every single aspect of this criminal railroading of 3 innocent teenagers, was corrupt and rat infested–from the police to the prosecutors, to the judge. And the ONLY reason WHY the Arkansas Supreme Court finally agreed to side with these innocents, was because they KNEW that jury nullification would occur in a new trial, thereby exposing the prosecution, police and politicians to most likely, criminal charges.

    You people who think this man and the others are guilty are typical scumbags who always hate someone who has confidence and integrity and make YOU look bad.

    I pray that each and every one of you who is STILL embarrassing this man, get to go through exactly what he did.

    Total scumbags!


    1. You do realize that with their Alford plea which was their idea they are still considered guilty in the eyes of the law right? Also the Arkansas Supreme Court did not side with them or order a new trial. They only granted a hearing to see if the supposed DNA evidence was enough to grant a new trial, which it wouldn’t have been.


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