Foster Breeder makes kids drink bleach to mask weed

Foster teen says she drank bleach to mask cannabis:

We’re all familiar with bleach right? The stuff that makes your clothes white even if they weren’t white before. The stuff that when mixed with ammonia makes chlorine gas. (Don’t ever mix those two.) Lastly and most importantly the stuff YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO DRINK. Are we this dumb as a society that there are people out there that really think it’s ok to drink bleach let alone give it to their kids.

Apparently there is as we go to Bunker Hill, Kansas, where Pam Pertl is accused of making her foster kids drink milk that was laced with bleach. I guess it’s ok since wholesome milk was involved. Anyway, why did Ms. Pertl allegedly give the teens bleach and milk to drink. Why to mask their drug test results since she was allegedly smoking weed with her foster teens. Guess what, it didn’t work as they all failed the drug test.

I’ve been around enough burnouts to imagine how this happened. “Dude, this one guy told me that of you drink bleach you can pass a drug test. We should so try that.”

Talk about how harmless weed is all you want it’s still a crime in 48 states. Deal with it.

Here’s what to do in case someone were to drink bleach.

Thanks to Denise for the tip.

5 thoughts on “Foster Breeder makes kids drink bleach to mask weed”

  1. Aren’t you supposed to drink milk in case of accidental ingestion of bleach to aid in dilution? Also, how the hell do you accidentally ingest bleach without that strong odor stopping you? How could bleach possibly help her pass a drug test? This idiot has left me with several mind numbing questions, but the biggest one is how could she be so stupid and still manage to survive into adulthood?


  2. I want to know how she got the kids to drink the bleach-laced milk. Wouldn’t bleach cause the milk to curdle? I’m pretty sure it would taste like crap, even if it didn’t curdle the milk. Oh, and go ahead and let the foster idiot have a gallon of bleach – with no milk – and tell her to chug it.


  3. hahaha. I had a friend who was actually told awhile ago that you can put a little bit in as you urinate and it invalidates the results, making it appear clean. so, he tried by hiding a little cup of it in his hand and pouring it in, getting it all over him and “in” him. I honestly don’t remember whether he got the job in the end or not, so I don’t know if that worked, but that is supposedly how bleach helps, not by ingesting it!! My god! I also can’t imagine getting bleach inside me but being a woman, I don’t know how the young male mind works sometimes. Either way, if they were that desperate to pass, why didn’t they try several other methods that supposedly work, like chugging cranberry juice to help you pee alot before the test, or IDK, be really shady and have someone else pee for you. I’ve heard some crazy stories about people trying to pass tests for weed, and its funny when you hear it from an adult about what they did when they were in college or just out of high school. It’s disgusting when its an adult making foster children (or any child!) do it so they can stay with them. These kids probably went through some kind of shitty life to end up in the system, and deserve the best treatment. Smoking pot isn’t the worst abuse, but it’s not exactly the best parenting choice and model behavior these kiddos deserve.


  4. Just when you think you’ve adapted to the newest level of complete and utter stupidity, some assclown comes along and proves you wrong again… smh. Bleach, really???


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