Kansas updates their Safe Haven law

Speaking of safe haven laws, because we were you know, a new safe haven law went into effect in the state of Kansas as of July 1st.

Previously there was an issue with identifying the parent who dropped off their child after one mother was sought because authorities thought she was in medical danger. The new law makes identification less of an issue except where abuse is suspected.

You can read the new law here. (PDF file)

Thanks to CW for the assist.

You can look here for your own state’s Safe Haven laws here.

One thought on “Kansas updates their Safe Haven law”

  1. I think that leaving details should be mandatory with the guarantee that, unless there are signs of abuse, you won’t be contacted by the authorities.

    I have a friend who was adopted through normal avenues &amp when she started a family of her own she discovered a terrible genetic disease which she had unwittingly passed into her children. If she had been able to contact her birth mother (closed adoption) or even if relevant medical details were made available to her she could have been forewarned.


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