Meth heads charged with dental child abuse

Wanamaker and Hoffman

I didn’t even know that dental abuse was a thing yet here we are. 31-year-old Jessica Hoffman and 36-year-old Kenneth Wanamaker Jr., both of Lehigh Township, Pennsylvania, have been charged with that very act. Their 6-year-old daughter’s teeth are allegedly so bad that the infection she could get from the dental disease could kill her. A pediatric testified that the girl must have had the disease for most of her life. Their family dentist reportedly urged the ‘parents’ to get dental surgery for the girl as quick as possible. Their reasoning for not getting the surgery was they’re baby teeth and they’ll fall out eventually.

So what makes these Breeders such experts on the way of dentistry? It could be that they’re chronic meth users, allegedly. During the hearing for these charges a case worker testified that Hoffman had a stillbirth at 34 weeks into the pregnancy. According to doctors the stillbirth was caused by her meth use.

I want someone to tell me what is the big deal about meth. What is the initial rush like that it makes you want to keep doing more and more even at the expense of your own children? We’ve all seen the ‘Faces of Meth’ pictures yet people are still willing to risk trailer trash chemistry by allow that crap into their bodies.

If you do meth don’t have kids. If you have kids don’t do meth. If you have kids and do meth get help.

Thanks to Jessica for the tip.

If you or someone you know has a meth addiction you may want to think about contacting the national substance abuse referral line at 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or visit their website.

9 thoughts on “Meth heads charged with dental child abuse”

  1. Oh, well, as long as they are only baby teeth!
    Whaaaat! Jeez! That poor girl! She must be in terrible pain. I would like to build a time machine, go back and find the first person that cooked meth, and end their miserable life. And people still try it!
    I bet this wasn’t the only thing they were neglecting with the little girl.


  2. If their eyes were any closer together, the left eye would be in the right socket and the right eye in the left! Come to think of it, they look so much alike they might be related. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.


  3. The dentist I took Miss 5 to when she fell off the play equipment &amp chipped her tooth said “it’s just a baby tooth so don’t worry about it”…I was dubious so I got a second opinion (at a different clinic) &amp was told the same thing. Now the chipped tooth has discolouration (this is two years later) so we went back to the original dentist &amp he said “why didn’t you come &amp see me sooner so we could have prevented this tooth from decaying”…I lost my shit!

    So we aren’t allowed back at that clinic &amp I won’t be going back to the one that gave me the second opinion (which was the same as the first) so I’m looking for a new dentist!


  4. I used to smoke meth. It makes you feel very happy and hopeful and motivated. When I was high I would have a constant dialogue in my head “I am so happy. I love Jesus. I am so happy. Everything is so good”. When I would come down though it’d be “I’m so pissed, so pissed,” It also makes you not care about important things. When I was 20, my young nephew had to have open heart surgery and I got high all weekend so I wouldn’t stress about it. I stopped at 22 (I’m 28) and sometimes I miss it, but it’s a disgusting drug and would never touch it again.


  5. FFS – dental pain has to be some of the worst pain out there. At least for me it is. I can’t imagine what everyday must have been like for that poor girl! I have some nerve damage in my mouth, I feel everything way more than most. They’ve had to give me EIGHT shots of lidocaine before just so they could do a simple filling. I’m cringing in pain just thinking about what every minute of every day must have been like for her… so damn sad…


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