“Do it. Kill yourself. I don’t really care.”

When I was a teenager I tried to kill myself, twice. I was being bullied at school and my dad was abusing my mom at home. I had no refuge, no escape. I know now that I suffer from depression and I’ve gotten help for it. I would never consider it again. Only because of my brother catching me during both attempts that I’m able to type these words today. I was afraid if I had told my father that I was suicidal that something like the following would happen.

In Osceola County, Florida, a 13-year-old boy is said to have told his father that he was feeling suicidal. Instead of getting his son help 44-year-old Michael Yatsko allegedly gave his son a .45 and urged him to kill himself.

When the teen said he wanted to kill himself, Yatsko allegedly went into the boy’s bedroom, threw the handgun on the bed and told him, “Do it. Kill yourself. I don’t really care.”

Police were initially called to the home on physical abuse allegations. Yatsko also allegedly told police that he did it because his son was ‘acting cowardly’. I would too if I had a violent psychopath for a father. I did , but that’s beside the point.

Luckily the gun was said to have been unloaded.

Michael Yatsko

This is part of what’s wrong in society today. Thoughts of suicide are a mental health issue. Too many troglodytes like this assclown think that it’s a sign of weakness or cowardice. It is none of those things. You didn’t necessarily fail as a parent if one of your children is suicidal but this one obviously did.

If you are a teen or you know a teen who is suicidal there are places you can reach out to help like ReachOut.com or you can call their help line at 1-800-448-3000

7 thoughts on ““Do it. Kill yourself. I don’t really care.””

  1. Another reason why people with mental health issues feel stigmatized…this asshole needs to be removed from the gene pool…Trench my heart goes out to you…I too suffer from depression…


  2. Excellent. Beautifully written. Many people (including myself) have bouts of depression. You’re so right, we must stop looking at this as a “weakness”. Mental health is at the root of most of these mass shootings. This country had better address it or we’ll be seeing many more tragedies. I could go on and on…As a registered nurse, I can tell you that about one in every four patients that I see, are dealing with some level of depression or anxiety.
    I so hope that the kid in this article gets some help. What father does that? Very, very disturbing. Thanks for writing this.


  3. He gave his son a gun and told him to “go ahead”. On what planet is that a reasonable, rational thing to do? Planet “Asshole”? Maybe planet” Low Life Douche-Bag”?


  4. I made the mistake of reading another article on this case. Some of the comments were so disgraceful. I hope the poor kid gets some help he has his whole life ahead of him.


  5. Unfortunately there are a lot of parents/people that think and say the exact same thing as he did.
    Mental illness is not a weakness, it is a disease and even if you don’t suffer from it have some compassion. Just like you would if a person had any other disease.


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