We Get Letters: I will report this

I’m not even going to preface this one. Oh wait, I guess I just did. Anyway…

Dont write a story if you dont know the facts. This website is based off of what other people say. And you write biased BULLSHIT fucking meedia stories that have the potential to ruin someones life. Fucking cocksuckers. What right do you think you have even having a website like this?? I really do hope you respond to what im saying. I will report this.


Once again, this website gets its information from media reports who usually get their information from the police. It’s not like we’re going door to door in the neighborhood asking about what happened like some group of nattering hens. If charges are dropped or a person is exonerated in any case we will be more than happy to remove the story. Somehow I doubt that has happened in whatever case you’re talking about.

You know what else has the potential to ruin someone’s life? Child abuse.

What right do I have? Last time I checked it was called the First Amendment. There are exceptions to the first amendment but I doubt you’ll find them here. Some people even call this site a responsibility more than a right.

And while I’m consciously trying to cut back on my cursing who the fuck are you going to report us to, the internet police?

Eat a bowl of dicks,
Trench Reynolds

24 thoughts on “We Get Letters: I will report this”

          1. You really are my Hero. Thanks for sharing… Go Trench what idiot want to defend these piece of shit unless they are a piece of shit


  1. To the letter writer: Go for it. This site doesn’t ruin your life. You ruin your own life when you do something stupid and get caught.

    The writer probably got featured on this site or knows of someone who did, is my guess.


  2. They sound like an angry 14 yr old. (no offense to 14 yr olds)
    I hate it when people just spout off all incoherent like.
    Be a adult and open up a dialog, or at least be intelligent about it.

    Eat a bowl of dicks! I love it!


  3. Oooooooooo! “Fucking cocksuckers”. He/she is soooo angry they could, you know, like, pee real hard. I give him brownie points for using a big word like “potential” but I deduct a few for “meedia”.


  4. I love you’re writing, Trench, I look forward to reading every story. I wis I knew what life ruining story he was refering to as well. Keep up the good work and keep this site up and running full steam.


    1. Is that the only thing you got out of his response? How sad for you, that you only felt the need to comment on his final words. Try reading the whole response next time. His closing remark was simply the “coup de grace” of that reply – and a rather excellent one, in my opinion.


      1. You owe me a new keyboard and screen, Trench. I just spewed a combination of mountain dew and peanut butter after reading that comment. I don’t think it’s gonna come off. The screen might be salvageable, but the keyboard is screwed. Have plugged in a temporary (and old) one for now. When will the new one arrive? LOL. You rock!


  5. Trench, I am certainly glad to be back, and missives like these only make it more worthwhile. You keep putting these idiots in their place – maybe one day they’ll quit making fools of themselves.

    I laughed so hard I had to wipe tears away!


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