Arrest made in September craigslist killing in NJ

Travis Picou
Travis Picou

Back in September 41-year-old Mamuka Chamiashvili of Brooklyn, New York, was shot and killed in Elizabeth, New Jersey, after responding to a craigslist ad for a Mercedes-Benz SUV.

Back in October 28-year-old Ali Garner and 30-year-old Keon Lewis, both of Elizabeth, were arrested in connection with Mr. Chamiashvili’s murder and recently 36-year-old Travis Picou of Paterson was also arrested. All three are being held on $2 million bond each.

I’ll say it again that using craigslist for any reason is very akin to playing Russian Roulette.

UPDATE 12/14/2015: A fourth suspect, 33-year-old Larry Jones of Newark, has recently been arrested in connection with Mamuka Chamiashvili’s murder.

UPDATE 6/20/2017: Garner and Lewis have both pleaded guilty to first-degree aggravated manslaughter, while Jones and Picou previously pleaded guilty to charges of first-degree robbery. Garner and Lewis are looking at 27 years behind bars when they are sentenced on September 8th.

UPDATE 9/11/2017: Garner and Lewis have both been sentenced to 27 years behind bars and must serve at least 85% of their sentence before being eligible for parole.

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