Teen raped in graveyard by older Snapchat ‘friend’

Bruce Henrique
Bruce Henrique

Police in the Cape Cod area of Massachusetts have arrested 24-year-old Bruce Henrique for allegedly raping a 14-year-old girl in a graveyard. Investigators say that Henrique communicated with the girl through Facebook and Snapchat. They also say that after the victim told Henrique she was underage that he sent her what the article calls “multiple nude photos of himself in a state of arousal.” Ick.

It’s heartbreaking how the victim’s mother found out. She noticed her daughter was missing and found her daughter’s bike on the side of the road near the cemetery where she was allegedly raped by Henrique.

I can’t stress this enough, know what apps your kids are using on their phones and know who all their friends are on their friends list even if that means asking them who every single person is. Also parents please talk with your children and let them know that if adults are approaching them on these apps that they probably don’t have their best interest at heart.

2 thoughts on “Teen raped in graveyard by older Snapchat ‘friend’”

  1. Fottuto pedofilo. Io vengo accusato di questo e non farei mai nulla di simile comedisgustoso come alcuni sarebbe tirare con un paio di osservazioni, come qualcuno ha impersonato un modello e mi aveva avuto in uno scandalo cercando di chiudere lamia carriera editoria. Sto commentando in italiano così egli non prendere quello che tisto dicendo, perché uno aveva inseguito me forum a forum su questo sito e cercandodi fermare le persone da sottoporre alle pubblicazioni. Bene che devo dire quello cheha fatto è una stronzata.


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