We get letters: You my sir one judgemental prick


I received the following e-mail from a guy named Dan. Dan writes…

You my sir one judgemental prick. I wonder where you get off with your holier than thou attitude. Your site is total garbage. Hang out in your mom’s basement much. All just a result of your childhood and having been bullied. An agent of change my ass

The one thing I want to address about Dan’s e-mail is my mom’s basement. I wish I had a basement growing up. My cousins in Philadelphia had a cool basement and I had friends growing up who had cool basements but we didn’t have one. I was always jealous because they had cool things like pool tables and vintage pinball machines in their’s.

Basement’s aside I was wondering what had Dan so hot under the collar. I couldn’t find his name on this site so I decided to do some research so I looked him up by the e-mail address he used to send me his missive. At first I thought his address was a typo because if you changed it by one character it becomes the title of a somewhat famous heavy metal album. That was until I found two very interesting items that are peripherally related to this site.

The first was that I found an account on a website where you’re supposed to be verified as safe by the online prostitutes one may or may not frequent. Kind of like a reverse eBay rating for johns.

Then I found something even more glorious. An alleged chat between someone using the same username as Dan and another person on from the website TinyChat. Now let me preface this by saying I don’t know if this was some kind of police investigation or maybe someone like perverted justice or if this chat is even legitimate. I’m just showing what I’ve found online. Usernames have been changed to protect all parties involved. Also there is some salty language in the chat transcript so I’m putting it behind the cut.

PossiblyDan: are u really serious
[5:21 PM] GirlOnChat: yes
[5:21 PM] GirlOnChat: you can only see my on snapchat
[5:21 PM] PossiblyDan: whats ur ht weight n bra size
[5:21 PM] GirlOnChat: me*
[5:21 PM] GirlOnChat: i’m 5’5
[5:21 PM] GirlOnChat: 34c
[5:21 PM] PossiblyDan: ok we can go on there in a minute
[5:21 PM] PossiblyDan: whats ur weight
[5:21 PM] GirlOnChat: 115
[5:21 PM] PossiblyDan: do u like to fuck
[5:21 PM] GirlOnChat: yes
[5:22 PM] GirlOnChat: i like older men
[5:22 PM] PossiblyDan: good i like teens
[5:22 PM] GirlOnChat: πŸ˜‰
[5:22 PM] GirlOnChat: i like men 18 or older
[5:22 PM] PossiblyDan: can i get ur number
[5:22 PM] GirlOnChat: not yet
[5:22 PM] GirlOnChat: too soon
[5:22 PM] GirlOnChat: ;$
[5:23 PM] GirlOnChat: can i get your snapchat?
[5:23 PM] PossiblyDan: please baby i cant stay on here long
[5:23 PM] PossiblyDan: was that u in the vid
[5:23 PM] GirlOnChat: i can’t give my number out that easily ;c
[5:23 PM] GirlOnChat: as attractive as i find you
[5:23 PM] PossiblyDan has left the chat.

PossiblyDan: hey
[5:25 PM] PossiblyDan: id rather talk first
[5:25 PM] PossiblyDan: why isnt that possible
[5:25 PM] PossiblyDan: i dont even know if ur for real or not
[5:25 PM] GirlOnChat: because my phone number is very personal
[5:26 PM] PossiblyDan: do u want to be trained
[5:26 PM] GirlOnChat: what do you mean baby? πŸ˜‰
[5:26 PM] PossiblyDan: taught how to fuck
[5:27 PM] GirlOnChat: oh i know how to fuck i can give it very rough πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰
[5:27 PM] PossiblyDan: n where do u live in [redacted state]
[5:27 PM] PossiblyDan: im 38 btw
[5:27 PM] GirlOnChat: i live in [redacted city]
[5:27 PM] GirlOnChat: 38 i love it
[5:27 PM] PossiblyDan: not too
[5:27 PM] PossiblyDan: far
[5:27 PM] GirlOnChat: oh where are you from?
[5:27 PM] PossiblyDan: whats ur oldest
[5:27 PM] PossiblyDan: [redacted but accurate city according to ip address]
[5:27 PM] GirlOnChat: 25
[5:28 PM] PossiblyDan: u need older
[5:28 PM] GirlOnChat: i see
[5:28 PM] GirlOnChat: you can be that older man πŸ˜‰
[5:28 PM] PossiblyDan: do u give head
[5:28 PM] GirlOnChat: the first thing i do before sex πŸ˜‰
[5:28 PM] PossiblyDan: i have one problem
[5:28 PM] GirlOnChat: what’s that? ;o
[5:28 PM] PossiblyDan: my wife blocked my apps on my phone
[5:28 PM] GirlOnChat: ;c
[5:28 PM] PossiblyDan: so i cant get on my snap chat
[5:29 PM] PossiblyDan: thats why i was asking to get ur number
[5:29 PM] GirlOnChat: get a new phone right now!
[5:29 PM] PossiblyDan: im seroious bout meeting
[5:29 PM] PossiblyDan: can we send pics over the phone please
[5:29 PM] PossiblyDan: i wont harass u
[5:29 PM] PossiblyDan: or we can just text
[5:30 PM] GirlOnChat: where would you like to meet if we do?
[5:30 PM] PossiblyDan: [girl’s city]
[5:30 PM] PossiblyDan: unless u can drive down here!
[5:30 PM] GirlOnChat: i don’t send pictures, i give real life experience πŸ˜‰
[5:30 PM] PossiblyDan: good i want real life
[5:30 PM] GirlOnChat: i’m 14 i can’t drive yet ;c
[5:30 PM] PossiblyDan: but i want to talk to u first
[5:30 PM] GirlOnChat: well we can talk here
[5:31 PM] PossiblyDan: i want proof ur not a fake
[5:31 PM] GirlOnChat: snapchat is the safe way for me right now ;c

PossiblyDan: can i see u naked on it
[5:32 PM] GirlOnChat: maybe later tonight when i get drunk πŸ˜‰
[5:33 PM] PossiblyDan: PossiblyDan
[5:33 PM] GirlOnChat: is that your snapchat or your tinychat name?
[5:33 PM] PossiblyDan: add me
[5:33 PM] PossiblyDan: both
[5:33 PM] GirlOnChat: okay adding right now
[5:33 PM] PossiblyDan: but u have to do me a favor
[5:33 PM] PossiblyDan has left the chat.

Emphasis mine.

Now let me state that I have no evidence that both Dans are the same person outside of matching usernames. However if, and if is a mighty big word here, they are one in the same then I can kind of see why he might not like what I do.

3 thoughts on “We get letters: You my sir one judgemental prick”

  1. Dan, we don’t have a basement. and if that is you on Tiny Chat you

    deserve to have your ‘nads removed with my snake hook. not being judgmental, just stating facts.


  2. He’s mad bc you post about all these dummies that get “entrapped” or whatever their stupid defense is. I raally hope that 14yo is actually a big old hairy police officer.


  3. Until last week I would have said he might be a kiddy diddler. But I realize now that 250 years ago our Constitution in anticipation of changing attitudes about child molesters preserved their dignity and rights.
    There is no ‘normal’ anymore. Ask people to define ‘normal’. You’ll get no responses to the question because nobody knows. Or if they think they know they’re scared shitless to say.


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