Crazy Confederate anti-vaxxer kidnapper caught

Crazy Confederate anti-vaxxer kidnapper caught
Megan Elizabeth Everett

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I first posted the story of Megan Elizabeth Everett. She’s the woman from Sunrise, Florida, who had joint custody of her daughter and went on the run because she didn’t want her daughter vaccinated. Not only that but she allegedly wanted her then 2-year-old daughter to be homeschooled so she could only learn about the Confederacy. The crazy runs deep in this one.

Yesterday Everett was captured not too far outside of Jacksonville, Florida while using an assumed name for both her and her daughter. She was featured on the CNN show ‘The Hunt’ that’s hosted by former America’s Most Wanted host John Walsh. I didn’t know he had a new show. Good for him. But I digress.

While I’m glad that her daughter is now safe and back in the arms of her caring father this story affords me the opportunity to discuss some things. The first is like I keep saying, there is no scientific evidence linking vaccinations to Autism. For some reason, Autism is the bogeyman of Luddites who want to scare people into believing whatever medical conspiracy theory they subscribe to. Secondly there needs to be more checks and balances when it comes to homeschooling. Too many people use homeschooling as a way to either hide child abuse from authorities or to indoctrinate them into some hateful thinking. I’m sorry to the legitimate homeschoolers but too many bad apples are ruining it for you. Lastly, as I’ve posted recently, the Confederacy is nothing to celebrate. Even if you take away the racism you still left with a bunch of seditionists and losers.

I don’t see why anybody would want their kid to be a disease-carrying racist yet here we are.

10 thoughts on “Crazy Confederate anti-vaxxer kidnapper caught”

  1. If vaccines are safe, then why can’t you sue the pharmaceutical industry for vaccine injury? Instead you have to file a claim with special government vaccine court which keeps many of the details secret.


      1. We can’t fully comprehend the safety of vaccines, because of the secrecy of the vaccine courts. We must consider the harm caused by taking the vaccine in addition to the harm from not taking the vaccine.


  2. Before you go calling a
    woman that wants to home school her child and fly a Confederate flag
    “crazy”, you might want to first consider a woman named
    Betsy Ross. She was a Quaker “Luddite” who was home schooled

    and helped create a little piece of material we like to call the American flag.

    And I find it a bit funny
    that you refer to those that fly the Confederate flag as “moronic
    troglodytes” you need to avoid. By definition a troglodyte would be

    trying to avoid you. And since you obviously embrace
    your right to avoid them, does the fact that they want to avoid you
    (collectively as those that share your beliefs) make them any more
    “moronic” than you?

    You stated in the “ABOUT” section of your blog that you wish to be an “agent of change”.
    How do you hope to accomplish this? By labeling and name calling? You are old enough to

    know that name calling the beliefs of others will not “change” their perceptions.

    The Confederate flag represents a group of people that did not want to be joined to

    another group of people. The same can be said about a Catholic priest’s collar, and

    a Jewish Star of David. Both represent a group of people that do not wish to be joined with the other (talk about some serious differences….), yet I don’t see anyone demanding priest’s take
    down their collar – in spite of the evil that SOME have done.

    Percentage wise, the number of people that engaged in ‘owning’ slaves is equivalent to the percentage of pedophile priests. So again, where is the cry to take down the collar?

    “Slavery” is not synonymous with “Civil Rights” and I am so tired of the incorrect rhetoric.

    Finally, as a “healthcare field” worker, wouldn’t writing about your reasons/beliefs that support vaccination have a greater chance of being heard by the “Megan Everett’s” of our society and therefore promote the result you are looking for?

    After all if name calling is to be your base of argument, Megan and her “disease carrying racist” could just as easily argue that your parents are crazy. I mean who sends a boy to an
    “all boys Catholic school” taught by deviant priests….


    1. There s no scientifically proven link between vaccines and Austism. The confederate flag in its myriad of version all stood for a nation of traitors and this woman is nothing more than an anti-vaxxer racist.

      Betsy Ross she ain’t.


      1. The CDC controls the scientific information and gives their opinion. It’s interesting that the CDC chose to destroy scientific information, recently, relating to the vaccine autism link.


          1. How do you know? Because CNN tells you so? CNN is an extremely unreliable news source and they have very low ratings.

            There is some risk to using vaccines.


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