Woman buys guns off of craigslist for 15-year-old son


Police in Grants Pass, Oregon, have arrested a 15-year-old boy who allegedly made threats against police and local schools and wanted to get into an armed confrontation with police. When police searched the boy’s home they reportedly found…

…three guns, several ballistic vests, a Kevlar helmet, ammunition, miscellaneous law enforcement badges and a tactical baton…

That’s not even the scariest part of this story. Much like in the vein of Nancy Lanza and Oregon’s own Laurel Harper, it was the boy’s own mother who is said to have bought the guns and vests for him off of craigslist.

Before we get to the obvious questions let me address the craigslist aspect. According to craigslist’s own list of prohibited items, guns are not supposed to be sold on their website. Since they don’t actually moderate their site it goes on anyway. I bet you they would have changed that policy if this kid had killed someone. Craigslist are the kings of closing the barn door after the horses have gotten out.

Now on to the question that’s on all of our minds. What kind of person would buy guns, more than likely illegally, and bulletproof vests for their 15-year-old. What in the blue hell did she think he was going to use them for? Most importantly, why has she not been arrested?

Too many people who don’t deserve the title of parent are coddling these special snowflakes who are nothing less than psychopaths and being excused of the actions that they helped initiate.

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