Bones found on property where Erica Parsons once lived

Bones found on property where Erica Parsons once lived
Erica Parsons’ missing poster

For those of you unfamiliar with the story of Erica Parsons you can catch up here.

The Rowan County (NC) Sheriff’s Office has announced that bones have been discovered on the property in Salisbury, North Carolina, where Erica once lived. The bones were discovered after the current owner cut down a tree and found the bones. According to local news reports the bones could in fact be animal bones especially since the Parsons kept several animals on the property when they lived there. So there’s a good chance that this could turn out to be nothing.

However what I find fascinating was some of the evidence investigators found on the property in 2013 that I haven’t heard about until now…

That list includes a “plastic bag with JonBenet Ramsey magazines” and a “JonBenet book with notes inside about remodeling house.”

In addition to finding photos and books about the death of JonBenet Ramsey inside the Parsons home, the new warrant states that investigators also found material on the “South Carolina Susan Smith case.”

This is important since Erica’s adoptive parents, Casey and Sandy Parsons, were still collecting government benefits for Erica after she had disappeared. Both of them are currently serving jail sentences on federal fraud charges. Casey Parsons claims that Erica went to live with her biological grandmother in Asheville, North Carolina. A woman she claims has the name of Nan Goodman that law enforcement can not locate or even verify exists which sounds vaguely familiar to the claim Casey Anthony allegedly made that her daughter was with a baby sitter by the name of Zenaida Gonzalez who didn’t actually exist.

In my opinion Casey Parsons has always come off as the arrogant sort who thought she could outsmart not only local police but the FBI. In reality it seems that the only reason she’s gotten away with Erica’s disappearance so far is dumb luck. Here’s hoping that investigators can eventually close the book on Erica’s disappearance but it seems more and more like Erica is unfortunately no longer with us.

UPDATE: The initial findings seem to indicate that the bones are probably animal bones.

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