Damien Echols comments on ‘Making a Murderer’

Damien Echols (Avery is only half as douchey as I am.)
Damien Echols (Avery is only half as douchey as I am.)

I guess it was inevitable that with all the talk of ‘Making a Murderer’ and its supposition that Steven Avery is innocent that the media would reach out to another convicted killer, Damien Echols, he of the West Memphis 3. Let’s see what the chief chalupa had to say

I was convicted of three counts of capital murder in 1993. Along with the two others who were convicted with me, we became known as the West Memphis Three. After enough evidence had been found to grant us a new hearing that would prove our innocence, the state of Arkansas offered us an insane deal called the Alford plea—as part of it, we could legally claim we were innocent, but the state would maintain our guilt. The deal would prevent us from seeking compensation for the 18 years we spent in prison. I spent those years on death row, 10 of them in isolation.

I find it interesting that he doesn’t name Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley by name. As always it’s about him and no one else. Let’s also not forget that the state didn’t offer the Alford plea, their legal team went to the state with it. He also just has to mention being in isolation since that’s what he claims damaged his eyes so he can wear his douche goggles everywhere.

We took the deal, knowing that even if proven innocent it would take us years to be processed out of the prison system. We were released in 2011. Today all three of us are legally considered felons.

He actually got that right for once.

He then goes on and bemoans how similar the conviction of Steven Avery was to his own and I’ve already marked some similarities here like how both documentaries omitted crucial facts from their narratives. Another thing that they have in common is that they’re both animal abusers. Avery set a cat on fire while Echol’s is known to have stomped a dog to death. They both also blame others while the evidence clearly points to them. Since 2009 Avery has been claiming his brothers killed Teresa Halbach in order to get their hands on the money he was due from his lawsuit although he was the one who repeatedly called Teresa and her charred remains were found in a burn pit on his property.

I would imagine that the chalupas and the ‘Making a Murderer’ crowd have a large cross-section of people who are willing to have the wool pulled over their eyes repeatedly. I wouldn’t be surprised if Avery is actually released due to this dramatized re-telling of Teresa Hallbach’s murder. If you believe everything you see on TV or Facebook you shouldn’t be surprised if it comes back to bite you on the ass.

Lastly once again it’s the real victims that are lost in all of this.

Christopher Byers, Michael  Moore and Stevie Branch
Christopher Byers, Michael Moore and Stevie Branch
Teresa Halbach
Teresa Halbach

Also please check out this great blog post from Katja.co entitled MAKING A MURDERER: Smells LIKE WEST MEMPHIS 3

6 thoughts on “Damien Echols comments on ‘Making a Murderer’”

  1. “Chief Chalupa” Sorry, but I’m stealing that one, man….Pure gold.

    Yours is an astute assessment of Chief Chalupa’s self-absorbed, narcissistic egocentricity. I’ve known my share of Attention Whores, but this Douchemeister takes the cake. He has an uncanny ability to take virtually any story, event, article, situation and make it ALL about him. I’d imagine that a typical conversation in his house goes a little something like this: Wife: “Gosh, the stock market is taking a beating today.”
    Chief Chalupa: ” Nothing like the hourly beatings I received from the prison guards on Death Row….or the daily beatings my ass took from the prisoner in the next cell block.”
    Wife: “Oh, you’re so right sweetie. How about some ice cream?”
    CC: “Ice cream? Oh yeah, you bet I screamed every time I dropped the soap.”
    Wife: “You’re upset, honey. Why don’t you call up Johnny Drop and go have a beer with him?”
    CC: “I can’t believe you, woman. It’s like I said in that HBO movie that was made about my life-No more beer!
    Wife: “Sorry, baby-please don’t be mad. I’ll be right back. Gotta run out and grab the mail”
    CC: “At least you *can* run! I can only hobble after being forced to wear 100 pound shackles around my ankles 23.5 hours a day for 15 years!”
    Wife “Ugh, I give up!!! I’m going out for some fried chicken”
    CC : “Let me tell you something about fried chicken, woman. If the cops hadn’t lost that Bojangles Chicken evidence, then I wouldn’t have spent 98% of my life on Death Row!”
    Wife: “Yeah, then you would’ve had a chance to live out your White Trash destiny-in a cozy little trailer, with your fat, toothless girlfriend, 8 bastard children, and 14 dogs.”
    CC: “Yeah, right! Like 14 dogs would stay alive for any length of time in my house. Don’t forget the cole slaw, woman.”


  2. Mr Reynolds i want to thank you for staying right on top of CC Chief Chalupa (lol) Damien Echols! While getting a few laughs each time I read one of your blogs on CC more importantly the public needs to keep our eyes on this thrice convicted child murderer to ensure he doesn’t kill again and it’s certainly a possibility! Thanks again!


  3. Kudos on keeping up the fight here. I doubt many folks really appreciate what a trying task it can be sometimes.


  4. Damien Echols did it, Steven Avery did not. Making a Murderer is about facts, Paradise Lost is about how the families of the victims are backwards rednecks. It was proven in court that the bones in Steven Avery’s yard had been moved, and it was shown in court that the prosecution’s expert lied about the bones being moved. Since the bones were moved to Steven Avery’s yard, every person in the world is a better suspect than Steven Avery.


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