20/20 to air interview with mother of Columbine killer


This coming Friday ABC News will be airing their interview on 20/20 that Diane Sawyer did with Susan Klebold, the mother of Columbine coward Dylan Klebold. They’re calling the episode “Silence Broken: A Mother’s Reckoning”. That’s because the airing of the interview coincides with the release of Klebold’s book “A Mother’s Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy”. You’ll have to forgive me if I don’t believe any actual reckoning will take place. I’ve posted about all this before so please indulge me while I copy and paste some of Sue’s greatest hits.

From my initial post on when the book was first announced

In the past during rare times that she has spoken to the media she has made excuses for her, her husband Tom and their hellspawn. In 2004 she told the New York Times that “I haven’t done anything for which I need forgiveness.” In 2009 in an essay she wrote for O Magazine she basically admitted how clueless she was when it came to her son and again she admitted as such in a 2012 book about children who commit crimes. So you’ll have to forgive me if I think the book is going to be anything but more of the same.

But I hear you say “She’s not being paid for the book.” Of course she isn’t, not directly anyway. The only reason the proceeds are going to charity is because the families of the real victims of her son would raise holy hell if she took even a penny. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to get compensated especially if the book takes off.

Then from my post about when the 20/20 interview was first announced

Too many news shows these days try to portray criminals as victims or falsely accused and a number of gullible viewers believe whatever is spouted from the mouths of talking heads which in turn is helping to lead to a society where no one is held responsible for their actions. As having said before that she has nothing to apologize for, Sue Klebold will be their champion.

And I wrote that months before people were starting to be deceived by Making a Murderer.

Susan Klebold is not brave, she doesn’t deserve sympathy and she’s certainly no victim. For the past 17 years, she’s been nothing but the poster child for not taking personal responsibility whether it be for her or her cowardly demon spawn.

17 thoughts on “20/20 to air interview with mother of Columbine killer”

  1. Trench, you are obviously a cold, close minded ,ignorant, shallow man.
    I feel sorry for you. To be so cold and judgmental that you don’t have a drop of sympathy for a woman who has lost her child and been through a terrible ordeal that you can’t even imagine is just unbelievable. I feel truly sorry for you. And can only be thankful that I’m nothing like you.


  2. I agree with everything the comment says above me.^ What her son did was cruel and cowardly but how was she supposed to know? Yeah she should have not allowed Dylan to be around Eric after they broke into that car but breaking in a car and going on a killing spree are two different things. This woman would have sacrificed herself or took him out herself to save them babies. I believe she would dig through Mount Everest with a teaspoon if it meant saving him and stopping him from hurting anyone else. She didn’t recognize the signs he was mentally deterating. He went to school, held down a job. He applied for colleges. He got into the university of Arizona. They paid the deposit and went to visit the university. Please let me remind you she’s already paid for this- she has had to pay a huge settlement to the families of their victims and lost her son. She has to live with the knowledge that she couldn’t save him. Her son killed himself and many others. How are you supposed to know the difference between your child has a mental illness or is just being a moody shitheaded angsty teenager. Being a mother myself I wouldn’t have seen the signs. He wasn’t violent. Even though I hate with all my heart what he did I can’t hate her for it. She’s a beautiful courageous strong woman who has been through enough hell. She became a pariah because of this yet she never moved away or changed her name. She with all her being loved that boy. I may hate what he did but I stand by Sue.


  3. “Too many news shows these days try to portray criminals as victims or falsely accused and a number of gullible viewers believe whatever is spouted from the mouths of talking heads which in turn is helping to lead to a society where no one is held responsible for their actions.”
    You articulated my thoughts exactly.


  4. Have dare you! We are you to judge this mother?! This child, who certainly commited a horrible crime, was still born innocent. His still made him of His own hands. How dare you accuse this mother of anything!!! Trying being in her shoes you bitch!!! I have three children under 4 and in the future, heaven forbid, if they did anything like this I would still grieve for the babies I bared. Shame on you for passing such judgement. You should be ashamed. My father lost his teacher in the shooting and my mother, who was a student, painted a one of a kind masterpiece of the incident don’t judge this poor mother. Walk in her shoes before you judge. Lose you child you raised from birth. These boys weren’t hell spun and how dare anyone lablel them as such. A demon loves to attack a believer far more then a non believer. A non believer is already condemned but a believer is a true victory. Morn for these boys, hate their sins, but not them and certainly not their parents.


  5. I’m with trench on this one, these kids took guns, a few actually, and had drills hours after school practicing. That’s ONE example of these parents not paying attention. Your kid is obviously “different” and “changed” since he was her little boy…no need to maybe keep an eye on him more? Check where he goes and who he hangs out with and what he does online? Negligence at best.


  6. The book is beautifully well written and poses many thoughtful questions. There are a couple times I feel like she skews verifiable facts to make her son seem like more of a victim of his mental illness than responsible for his actions. I especially disagree with her delusion that Eric is to blame/ or is singularly responsible for Dylan’s involvement (along with his mental illness). NO ONE and almost no illness can make you do the terrible things he did. He may have been mentally ill, and he may have been influenced by Eric, but neither had to result in him committing the crimes. That was all Dylan, metal illness and persuasion be damned. She really needs to accept that. He abandoned his morality, his sense of right and wrong, and everything he knew, because selfishly, he was too afraid to either ask for help from his loving parents, or to do it commit suicide on his own. So he took door number three and taking door number three has little to do with his actual mental illness and everything to do with it being the choice he made. Eric did not put a gun to his head and force him to kill and terrorize innocent kids. At any point and time, instead of just letting people go when Eric wasn’t looking, he could have simply killed himself, and maybe even have taken Eric with him when he did it. But he chose to see through this homicidal plan. It was Dylan, not Eric who was responsible for Dylan’s actions. Plain and simple. But with that being said, had those two not been friends this may have never occurred. Either way it is heartbreaking, and I hope that Sue can truly accept her son’s role and actions, and move on with her life to some extent. She doesn’t deserve to live in purgatory for the rest of her days.


  7. I find it interesting how opinionated people are, and judgemental people still are to this woman. I live in Lakewood now and I blame a big part of it on society, we have to stop picking on others just because they don’t fit in. My current bf used to live here with his now deceased wife and kids.

    He wasn’t close to Dylan but he knew him at a computer company. Dylan had a lot of different jobs and talent. He just never had a true friend. Eric was all he had. Had Dylan knew people were blamming shit on his mom for past mistakes that happened 17 years ago he would be outraged.

    He loved his mom and there was a handful of people that treated him with respect and my man was one of them. He doesn’t rub mistakes in peoples face. That’s why I love My man.

    I find it all to strange that while this shit happened. In September of 1999 my school had a shooting that ended in a suicide. I think people need to move on. Susan wrote a book to donate money. Had she kept it for herself I would have been angry but I’m not, her only mistake was not keeping a better eye on him. Other then that I’m not one to judge her, only God can judge people.


    1. She along with her ex-husband and the Harrises failed at parenting and 13 people died because of it. I’ve also found that the people who say that only God can judge them are usually the ones who make excuses for the guilty.


      1. Trench, You are one of the most smug, judgmental, arrogant, self righteous,self satisfied people I’ve ever run across.Your ignorance and narrow tunnel vision of the world are unbelievable. It makes you a very cold person.
        I also wonder how you fit through your front door with that massive ego of yours.So happy that I’m nothing like you.


      2. Wow, Trench, it’s easy to hide behind a fake name and the internet. You must be the perfect parent…I wish I was your kid because any time I had a sideways thought, you would be right there to lovingly parent me back onto the right path! I don’t know how old you were when this happened, but it was unheard of. NO ONE could have predicted this event, not the parents or an fbi profiler! I had a child with depression, and it was a horrible thing to navigate, and this boy did a great job hiding his depression. My daughter wore her pain on her sleeve, but I didn’t treat her as if she was going to blow up a school, because that is not the “next step” in depression. If his parents had realized he was thinking of harming himself, they likely would have gone thru his room and found the warning signs. We all know that was not the case. You don’t draw a line from stealing a car radio to a mass murder/suicide plot! I feel for this mother, just as I feel for the Harrises, and the families of the victims. If they had been abusing these boys or ignoring cries for help, then maybe I would sing a different tune. Blaming these parents is a huge oversimplification of a very complex problem in our society, and the fact that you are so quick to make it shows how closed minded and hasty you are.


  8. I agree with you Trench, how can Sue Klebold take any responsibility for what she “didn’t see”? It seems obvious to me that she was passive and delusional about her son’s escalating interest in violence and guns. If anyone was lugged a bag so heavy that they couldn’t carry it into my home I would have to ask what was in it. It is in no way normal to respect the privacy of a teenage boy who is lugging a large bag into your home!
    I would like to draw your attention to Sue Klebold’s recent interview with Terry Gross. In the interview she shared her fear post-massacre that the sprinkles she put on her son’s birthday cake (her other son Byron’s birthday cakes were slathered with icing) was insufficient enough to cause her son to murder 13 peoples and injure many others. I understand that when you raise a son whose life ambition becomes blowing up the entire school you may have some strange guilty thoughts but this one surely (dare I say) takes the cake for weirdness.
    The fact that Klebold is donating the money to mental health charity instead of a charity that helps victims and families of violent crimes underscores her narrative that Dylan was the true victim. It also speaks to a kind of narcissism and self involvement. No one could suffer and be more worthy of her book’s money than her son. He’s suffering from poor mental health and imaginary “bullying” is greater than the victims and their families. It’s a narrative that I do not buy and believe is dangerous. He may have had mental health issues but he planned Columbine for a year to cause the maximum amount of pain, suffering and casualties.
    The fact that Sue Klebold can not utter the word killed and uses the word harmed instead tells me that her personality of minimizing what she finds unpleasant and uncomfortable remains unchanged.


    1. The fact that Klebold is donating the money to mental health charity instead of a charity that helps victims and families of violent crimes underscores her narrative that Dylan was the true victim.

      I couldn’t have said it better myself.


      1. Well, let me see…… Help the mental health system and possibly prevent even ONE tragedy, or let the tragedy happen and help those affected afterwards….My money goes to the mental health charity! You probably would have pointed this out if she had given the money to the victims funds, I am guessing that anything this women would have done would have been wrong to you


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