10 questions for Sue Klebold


In the wake of the recent interview with Sue Klebold on 20/20 Alan Pendegrast of Denver based alt-weekly Westword has written a piece entitled SUE KLEBOLD: TEN QUESTIONS COLUMBINE KILLER DYLAN KLEBOLD’S MOM WASN’T ASKED.

By all means please go to the Westword site and read it as they are questions that should not have only been asked but should be answered.

However I am going to abuse fair use here because I think these questions should be saved for posterity. I’m posting them behind the cut but I take no credit in writing them as they are the property of Westword.

1. Did Dylan’s escalating criminal behavior — stealing a laptop, scrawling something about “fags” on a locker, hacking into the school’s computer system, getting arrested for breaking into a van — generate real concern? If so, why did your supervision of his activities diminish rather than increase in the final months leading up to the attack?

2. Were you aware of the report made to school authorities by the mother of one student that Dylan had been harassing him and threatening him five months before the attack?

3. When an English teacher contacted you, weeks before the attack, concerning a violent paper Dylan wrote — a fantasy in which a trenchcoated avenger ruthlessly executes a bunch of “preps” — why didn’t you insist on reading it?

4. You have stated that you were aware that your good friend Judy Brown “didn’t like” Eric Harris. Were you aware that Brown had gone to the police about threats Eric Harris had made against her family and his boasts on the Internet that he and Dylan were making pipe bombs?

5. You told the police that Dylan had not exhibited any aberrant behavior in the months leading up to the shootings. Do you consider “having sleepovers” as a senior and falling asleep in class aberrant?

6. Eric Harris spent the night at your house four days before Columbine. He brought with him a large duffel bag so packed with something that he had to drag it into the house with both hands. Did you have any curiosity about what was in the bag?

7. Were you aware that Dylan was spending virtually all of his free time with Harris and had become increasingly isolated from his other friends?

8. If you weren’t concerned about his social isolation, why did you pay him $250 to take a (definitely platonic) date to the prom?

9. Ever notice how the look Dylan adopted in the months leading up to Columbine, with granny shades and trenchcoat, aped the look of Woody Harrelson in Natural Born Killers?

10. What do you make of this statement Dylan made on the basement tapes, addressed to his own parents: “I’m sorry I have so much rage, but you put it in me.” What the hell is he talking about?

Again I ask that you please visit the original Westword article.

4 thoughts on “10 questions for Sue Klebold”

  1. Some of these questions are set up-questions and a couple are pure bs. IE: His mother did ask to read Dylan’s story and the teacher said she didn’t have it. Then Susan asked the teacher to show it to the guidance counselor and contact her. None of which was done.


  2. Whoever wrote these questions has clearly not been a parent let alone a parent of a high school senior. The expectation is clearly of a parent of a middle school aged kid, not a high school senior.


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