Minn. teacher charged with Snapchat stalking of 12-year-old

Minn. teacher charged with Snapchat stalking of 12-year-old
Cody Woodrow Hansen

I swear I’m not cherry picking Snapchat stories that involve teachers. It’s just that the majority of Snapchat stories that reach my inbox deal with an inordinate amount of teachers.

The teacher in question this time is 25-year-old Cody Woodrow Hansen who was a middle school teacher in Eagan, Minnesota. He’s been charged with allegedly stalking a 12-year-old female student through Snapchat. Using several aliases Hansen allegedly messaged the student for months.

In the messages, prosecutors say Hansen told the girl she was cute, asked if she’d ever kissed anyone and asked if she liked older men.


Snapchat prides itself on its messages disappearing after a certain amount of time. That didn’t stop this 12-year-old from taking screenshots of the messages and turning them over to police.

Hansen is said to have admitted getting the girl’s Snapchat handle from her Instagram account. Does anyone else detect a problem here? While this guy is allegedly at fault for harassing this poor girl a 12-year-old girl does not need to be on either Snapchat or Instagram. It doesn’t take much for predators to discern where your child may live or attend school just by the pictures they post on social media.

UPDATE 11/22/2016: Hansen has only been sentenced to “30 days of house arrest for the next five years after pleading guilty.” That sounds like he gets to pick and choose which 30 days he gets to spend at hone over the course of the next five years. Some sentence. If it was any more cushy he’d have a fur-lined ankle monitor.

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