Florida teacher who sent explicit Snapchats to students arrested

Dionne Younce
Dionne Younce

I originally posted about Dionne Younce here. She’s the 28-year-old phys ed teacher from St. John’s County, Florida, who got suspended then fired for allegedly sending explicit Snapchats to some of the male students from her school. More recently Ms. Younce was arrested for allegedly having sex, still child rape in my opinion, with a 17-year-old male student. Age of consent in Florida is 18 and the 11-year-age gap is not covered by the poorly named Romeo and Juliet clause. It also sounds like St. John’s County is treating her like an actual criminal since she’s currently being held on $200K bond as they should.

This shouldn’t be treated any different if a male teacher had sex with a female student, As a society we need to move away from that bro mentality of “Heh heh heh, where were teachers like her when I was in school?” At least one local parent gets it…

“This day in social media, it’s kind of easy to do. But still, doing that with students?” Lodise said. “Obviously, it’s taking advantage of somebody who’s not mature enough to make those decisions; wise decisions.”

While some may not think that an act like this is victimization it could very well mess up kids like this emotionally and mentally when it comes to future relationships with women.

UPDATE 4/9/2016: Younce has entered a plea of not guilty.

UPDATE 9/9/2016: After pleading no contest, Younce was sentenced to a year behind bars and five years probation and will be on the sex offender registry as she should be.

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