A collective of Kik kreepers

A collective of Kik kreepers

22-year-old Steven Robertson of Camp Lejeune was arrested by police in Jacksonville, North Carolina, for allegedly soliciting sex from a 13-year-old girl on Kik and sending the girl a picture of his junk.


Aryavong 'Aaron' Khounlavouth
Aryavong ‘Aaron’ Khounlavouth

27-year-old University of Oregon student Aryavong ‘Aaron’ Khounlavouth is accused of allegedly using Kik to trade child porn.


David James Brown
David James Brown

46-year-old pastor from Indiana, David James Brown, was arrested in Kentucky for allegedly soliciting sex from a minor on Kik who was actually a state investigator.


Patrick Thomas Poling
Patrick Thomas Poling

22-year-old Patrick Thomas Poling, of Enochville, North Carolina, for allegedly sending nude pics of himself to a 14-year-old girl through Kik.


If this were the old days (circa 2006) I would start an entirely new site called Kik Krime just to feature all the sex offenders and pedophiles that are on Kik.

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