Jaymie Adams murder trial started with inadequate reporting

Jaymie Adams murder trial started with inadequate press
Jaymie Adams

Did you know that the trial for Jaymie Adams’ murder started in Oklahoma City? You couldn’t tell by looking at the press. While the trial started on October 17th, today was the first I saw anything about it in the news. That’s eight days after the trial had already started. So what does the press deem worthy enough to finally report on about this trial? The testimony of ‘widower’ Justin Adams.

This is the same Justin Adams that was prostituting his pregnant wife on craigslist. The same Justin Adams who was allegedly having an affair with another woman at the time of his wife’s murder. The same Justin Adams who took out a $100K life insurance policy on his wife prior to her murder. The same Justin Adams who was only charged with manslaughter in his wife’s death and walked out of court a free man.

So what did he testify?

“We had no other choice,” Justin Dewayne Adams testified. “It was something we fell into to pay bills.”

“Neither one of us really enjoyed what she was doing … It was demeaning towards her,” Justin Adams testified. “The money was great but it wasn’t worth what it was doing to us.”

Sorry, but I have a hard time believing that he’s the grieving widower whose wife was killed after they supposedly hit hard times.

Instead, the man being tried is Joseph Cyr. Investigators claim that Cyr’s DNA was found in Jaymie, even though it was not reported in the initial autopsy report. I have yet to see any kind of motive reported as to why Cyr would stab Jaymie Adams to death, only that he had sex with her.

I have a friend that has been attending the trial, and they’ve told me what hasn’t been reported on. What allegedly hasn’t been reported on is that the defense claims that there were two other DNA samples, besides Joseph Cyr’s recovered at the crime scene. One was in a used condom and another was on a cigarette butt. These DNA samples were said to be from unidentified males. My friend also said that Justin Adams’ mother, Tina Clarke, allegedly gave conflicting testimony to what Adams himself has claimed. This doesn’t necessarily make Cyr innocent but it sounds like it does cast reasonable doubt.

Why isn’t any of this being reported and why is the press making a pimp who possibly killed his own wife out to be a saint?

6 thoughts on “Jaymie Adams murder trial started with inadequate reporting”

  1. They could not afford their bills yet he has enough money to purchase life insurance? There was a time I could barely pay my bills and keep a roof over my children’s heads. The very last thing I would have thought of was to procure life insurance on my spouse even though he was a worthless s.o.b. Why didn’t the ‘grieving’ widower work 3 or 4 part time jobs rather than pimping out his with child wife? If there were two other unidentified dna profiles how are they even able to assume that they have the correct perpetrator The whole story had my hinky meter bouncing off the charts. Thank you Mr. Reynolds for now I will have a sleepless night trying to make sense of literal nonsense only off of two articles. I was speaking to a gentleman the other day about random topics as we were waiting on line at the pharmacy. As he was stepping toward the counter he said “I see a lot of humans yet I see very little humanity” he proceeded to hug me and thanked me for friendly conversation between strangers. I let his words soak in for a moment and concurred whole heartedly.


  2. Justin also failed his polygraph. Everytime justins lips moved he was lying to the police. What makes the law enforcement “think” he would tell the truth about anything! Sounds to me justin is more than eager to except 2 counts of manslaughter charges! From what I read in the beginning of the investigation Jaymie was in nursing school and supporting herself/children. Its when justin came back from trying to become a natural guard so he could take out the life insurance policy “on Jaymie”! He staged Jaymies murder from the get go. He is Jaymies killer!!!


  3. I have no idea if Joe committed this horrible crime but I do know there are certain aspects of his personality that are extremely controlling to an unhealthy point. He is not someone who would just let someone else set him up and take it. So many questions about this case that don’t make sense. What would be Joe’s alibi? Does there even need to be one. It’s a very sad story and no matter who is guilty The families (parents and children) suffer with the loss. Good article and comments though.


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