Kenny Bartley released from jail yet again

Kenny Bartley released from jail yet again
Kenny Bartley

Late last week, Campbell County school shooter, Kenny Bartley, was released from jail yet again. He had been serving time for violating his probation when he failed to update his address with authorities and violating the terms of his alcohol monitoring bracelet.

In 2005, when Bartley was a teenager, he opened fire in the administration office of Campbell County High School in Tennessee, killing Principal Ken Bruce. He was charged as an adult and his plea deal saw him sentenced to 45 years. However, the plea was thrown out and a subsequent retrial saw Bartley being released after time served.

Sometime after his release, Bartley went to live with his counselor and her family in Virginia. The counselor’s young son has since died from blunt force trauma and the autopsy reports say that it was related to child abuse. Bartley was allegedly with the boy at the time. So far there have been no criminal charges filed in the boy’s death.

There have also been accusations that Bartley had been romantically involved with his counselor while in Virginia.

If history is any indicator it probably won’t be long before Bartley is in trouble again. The only question is will there be another body left in his wake?

2 thoughts on “Kenny Bartley released from jail yet again”

  1. My brain is in the verge of exploding! I had to read this twice, go back and read previous articles, reflect and I still do not understand the craziness. Why has no one been charged with that poor babies murder?! (The uterus that sprung that innocent life belongs on Bad Breeders!) Why was this idiot released after only ten years for murder? Wtf is up with the woman who took him in??!! It would, you would think, behoove SOMEBODY in the justice system to look at this kid (young man) and realize the true danger that he is. How many more deaths is it going to take to lock this twisted waste of oxygen up? I am extremely perplexed and disheartened.


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