Grave Injustice: Joseph Cyr convicted of Jaymie Adams’ murder

Grave Injustice: Joseph Cyr convicted of Jaymie Adams' murder
Joseph Cyr

In what is probably the biggest miscarriage of justice I’ve ever posted about on this site, Joseph Cyr was convicted in the murder of Jaymie Adams. Since the beginning, I have maintained that Jaymie Adams’ husband, Justin Adams, had more reasons to kill Jaymie than anybody. Even if Joseph Cyr isn’t innocent, there was enough reasonable doubt, in my opinion, that the jury should have come back with a not guilty verdict.

In their closing arguments, Joseph Cyr’s defense stated that not only did Jaymie Adams have no defensive wounds but no blood was ever found on Joseph Cyr’s clothes. Not to mention we should never forget that Justin Adams not only took out an insurance policy on his wife before her murder but he was also having an affair while police were looking for his missing wife. As far as I’m concerned the only thing that the prosecution was able to prove was that Cyr had sex with Jaymie Adams. Considering her husband was turning her out on craigslist as a prostitute this should come as no surprise. This is no knock against Jaymie Adams but what connections does Justin Adams have to not only have gotten parole on manslaughter charges for his wife’s death but to be treated so saintly by the local media?

Until I hear a confession from Cyr himself or hear concrete evidence that proves he killed Jaymie without a shadow of a doubt I will maintain his innocence. I also maintain that the Oklahoma City police have railroaded an innocent man and should be investigated for improprieties involving this investigation.

The jury has recommended a life sentence without parole for Cyr but as of now, this man should not be spending a minute in jail.

23 thoughts on “Grave Injustice: Joseph Cyr convicted of Jaymie Adams’ murder”

  1. This case bears all the earmarks of police, and prosecutorial malfeasance. It is more than unjust, it is criminal.

    A comprehensive examination of law enforcement, Mr. Adams, and his mother (Ms. Clark), needs to be undertaken. With particular attention to any and all past and/or current personal, familial, and informant relationships between these parties. In addition, a careful examination of all the players who investigated this case, prosecuted this case, handled evidence in this case, including the medical examiners office should be undertaken in an attempt to uncover any previous and/or ongoing misconduct.

    Mr Cyr is certainly no choir boy, and he should be held accountable and make restitution for offenses he has committed. In no way however, do previous bad acts provide any justification for prosecuting an individual for something they did not do.
    Any officer of the court, or officer of the law who actively participates in, or “merely” abides such acts, is guilty of conduct so egregious, they themselves should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    There is no logical argument that the “discovery” of Mr Cyr’s DNA (via semen) in the body of Mrs Adam’s makes him her murderer. Not only her murderer, but somehow this DNA cleared her husband too! If Mrs Adams was an accountant, that argument would make sense. However, Mrs Adams was not an accountant, turned out by her husband, she exchanged sex acts for money. All the DNA tells us (if the DNA can be trusted at all in this case), is Mr Cyr was with Mrs Adams at some point during tne last night of her life, and engaged in sex with her. How this eliminates the husband from the equation defies logic.

    What a hopelessly sad and loveless situation the victim, Jamie Adams, was in. Mr Adams neither loved his wife or valued her as individual with feelings. I will go a step further, he doesn’t love or value his children either. Mr Adams, like all good sociopaths, cares only for himself. He can SAY anything he wants, and he can FEIGN crocodile tears all day long, it is his ACTIONS which tell us all we need to know.
    One of Mr Adams proclamations when attempting to explain the ads he placed, pimping out his wife, is – “we fell into it”. Really? Well I cannot recall hearing of or reading any ads in which he is offered up for sale. “We” translates to “she”, and I am not convinced she was a happily willing participant at all. To hear him tell it however, the prostitution was all on Jaymie and he was little more than a hapless victim. I have not heard of any previous connection Jaymie Adams had to prostitution, her husband however most certainly has. lol and behold, it just so happens that his mother is a Craigslist prostitute too. It isn’t difficult to ascertain who proffered the prostitution plan, and they weren’t married long (just weeks in fact), before he turned her out.
    It is worth mentioning the missed opportunity to thwart the murder of Jaymie Adams. This incident is compelling for a couple of reasons. It proves Mr Adams has a propensity for violence, in particular, violence against his wife. It Is further compelling because it illustrates a pattern of incompetence by local law enforcement. As a result of their incompetence law enforcement completely mishandled the domestic violence complaint Jaymie Adams filed against her husband not long before her death. The incident within the complaint resulted in Jaymie and her children seeking refuge (from her husband), at a woman’s shelter. Law enforcement has failed this woman in so many ways.
    The timing of Mr Adams life insurance policy on his wife, was fortuitous indeed! I wonder, did he seek life insurance for his mistress too?
    Perhaps Jaymie Adam’s pregnancy did rouse ire. Not the ire of Mr Cyr however, but the ire of her husband. The pregnancy would certainly thwart the profitabile enterprise he built, and enjoyed at his wife’s expense.
    May God provide Jaymie with the love and peace she was denied in her life and God Bless the children she was forced to leave behind.


  2. During the whole trial Detective Cunningham walked around the court room talked to the family of Justin Adams in the court room even let the father sit at the procecution table during a break at one point. She took the stand 3 times during the trial. She made sure to talk to every witness before they took the stand but in the end although there is no physical evidence other than Cyr’s DNA proving they met. The jury sided with cell phones putting them meeting. Oh and not to mention the women that testified were talking together on other blogging websites like websleuths and facebook then suddenly they are witnesses too. Come one please. This whole case is messed up too much doubt for a guilty but somehow it happened


      1. No one cares about a little family prostitute enough to really find out the truth. Especially to find out they convicted the wrong man, and that would leave them open to a lawsuit. Poor Jaime, and her kids. Rest in peace, kiddo. One day we’ll know for sure, we hope.


  3. I now hear that a used condom and cigarettes butts were found at dump site with Jaymie’s dead body. The DNA of two unidentified males!! These two males are the killers of Jaymie Adams. Joe doesnt smoke nor did he obviously use a condom! Time to strap justin to another polygraph and see if he can pass this one. One of the questions he failed was if he knew where Jaymie body was at!! Maybe by some miracle he can pass this one! Did anybody else notice that when justin was live tv news he had to read off his notes to say.. Jaymie yr kids love and miss you and deserve to have their mother. Please come home. Lets put Joe on the polygraph test too and ask the same questions to see who is the biggest lier.


    1. Joe smoked at times and liked cigars. I have to admit I can’t figure out what his motive would have been though. I do know he was very manipulative and charismatic with a horrible temper. I don’t know Adams but it is horribly sad she and her baby lost their life. I don’t know if joe did it but I do know he was completely not what he appears to be and is very strong physically. He is a chameleon.


  4. Seems you really just don’t like justin, which is fine he’s a low class dumbass but not a killer. Meanwhile it was joes former girlfriend that handed over his hidden cell phone and seat covers. As well as stating he was manipulating and controling. You can see her posts on webslueths. All said and done a murderer is in prison where he belongs.


    1. Meanwhile it was joes former girlfriend that handed over his hidden cell phone and seat covers. As well as stating he was manipulating and controling.

      None of which makes him a killer. Meanwhile Justin had more than one motive to kill his wife. This trial should have been the textbook example of reasonable doubt.


    2. Hidden???? They weren’t hidden the detectives had a warrant… free range of the entire house.. they once again failed to do their job correctly. And let’s not bring the ex girlfriend of Cyr into this.. havery you not seen her news appearance after his arrest??? Of course your story changes when authority tells you that you’ll lose your kids if not.. #Knowyourfactsbeforeyourunyourmouth


  5. Ya she posts all over websleuths but she leaves out she is the one that told Joe the tire on the truck was leaking air the day prior to him getting them changed, and everything she turned in two years later was tested and no DNA evidence found on any of it. Oh and she also met Joe on Craig’s list by placing ads and he took her dancing afterwards and let her move into his home. She said Joe was controlling but yet for a significant time after he was incarcerated she continued to put money on his phone so he could call her but it wasn’t until after she got married she told Joe to stop calling and then daughter out the detectives they didn’t come to her like she claims. Everyone in this whole case are liars. There is not 1 person that hasn’t lied in this case. Still doesn’t mean the right person is behind bars too many unanswered questions and leads to follow


  6. There is much much more. Like how joes vehicles were the only ones searched with the 3 step process. That they found a significant amount of mud/dirt in the under carriage of jaymies van. So much they used a large bag instead of a small container. That Justin paid a locksmith to enter jaymies van prior to the police impounding it. That when the police searched Justin’s house in December they took a picture of jaymies pink purse in the trailer yet in a report of det. Garrett Justin asks in January when he can get the purse out of the van they impounded. There was so much more. I mean does t anyone else think it is odd that two of joes girlfriends start talking on websleuths and then soon after that they are both witnesses. I am sorry just not convinced 100 percent that everything is without a reasonable doubt


  7. Just caught a segment about this case on Crime Watch Daily &amp the whole time I was waiting for evidence of Cyr’s guilt beyond a resonable doubt and nothing! How can they convict the guy with so little? Convinced the idiot husband did it. Does anyone know if Cyr had a decent attorney? Is he planning to appeal?


    1. Wouldn’t of matter who his attorney was, the judge only allowed what the state wanted.. I believe an appeal has already been filed.


  8. I just watched it. It’s the same old coverage that has been run in the news before. Of course none of the things that create even more doubt were even mentioned


  9. Were you in the courtroom everyday? Did you listen to every bit of info and pour over all of the evidence for 7 hours? I was and I did. It comes down to 37 minutes. If you were there, you will know why. Juror


  10. I don’t have any light to shine on anything except joe was a liar and I’m not sure anything that came out of his mouth was the truth. That I know for a fact. It doesn’t make him a murderer but I see the propensity of possiblity from his violent nature. Sad sad story.


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