Father of Hug High knife-wielding suspect makes excuses for his son

Father of Hug High knife-wielding suspect makes excuses for his son

The teen suspect who was shot by a police officer at Hug High in Nevada, has been identified by his father as 14-year-old Logan Clark. An interview with Logan’s father recently aired on the Today Show on NBC. I recommend not only reading the article, but watching the video as well. I’ve included the video in its entirety below.

While I’m obviously saddened that his son is in a medically induced coma I have a number of issues with his telling of the story. First off, one of the knives that Clark is seen wielding in the video appears to be a rather lengthy knife. Even if it is a butter knife, like his father claims, it can still cause a considerable amount of damage. The second thing is his so-called defensive posture. What Clark’s father calls defensive I call wildly flailing into a crowd which could be viewed as an offensive move. Lastly, your son gave police no time to get to know him, not like that’s their job anyway. All the officer knew was that there was a male suspect brandishing a knife who allegedly refused to comply to police requests to relinquish the knife. The police officer had a split decision to make, viewed Clark as a threat to other students, and in my opinion acted accordingly. To put it bluntly Clark gave the officer no choice. That is the reality of it.

What no one seems to be talking about is the state of the officer. Do you think that the officer is happy that he put a 14-year-old kid into a medical coma? Do you think he was out that night drinking pitchers of beer with his friends celebrating another shooting? I know it’s real popular to hate on cops these days, but even an officer drawing his weapon in the heat of duty can be a traumatic experience. This officer not only drew his weapon but discharged it into the chest of a 14-year-old boy. The officer is probably wracked with guilt thinking if there was something else he could have possibly done. A number of years ago there was a shooting in a Florida school where a kid was holding another student hostage with a gun. When police arrived the kid refused to drop the gun and was shot and killed by a police officer. The gun turned out to be a realistic looking pellet gun. While it was ruled that the officer had acted within the lines of the law he left law enforcement over the incident.

Police are not superheroes who can immediately know the history of every suspect and then instantaneously reason them into surrendering. They’re human beings who sometimes have to make decisions of life and death within the blink of an eye in order to protect innocent lives from coming to harm. Would you want that responsibility? I know I sure as hell wouldn’t.

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