The kreepiest of Kik kreepers arrested in Alabama

The kreepiest of Kik kreepers arrested in Alabama
James Darnell Smith

This is basically just a copy and paste of most of the Kik stories I post, but man, sometimes you just can’t pass up a mugshot like that.

Anyway, Tor Johnson’s younger brother up there is 35-year-old James Darnell Smith of Silverhill, Alabama. Smith is accused of allegedly using the mobile messaging app Kik to trade in child porn and to try to meet juveniles.


Investigators say they witnessed Smith trading child porn on Kik and trying to pick up kids, which gave them probable cause to search his home. There, they reportedly found a cache of child porn which included images of children as young as five.

By now it should come as no secret that kik is crawling with sex offenders and pedophiles, but it has also become the app of choice for those who trade in the most vile iconography in existence. If you allow your children to use this app unattended this is who you’re leaving them unattended with.

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