Was the Hug High student shot by police a special needs student? Does it matter?

Was the Hug High shooter a special needs student? Does it matter?

So far I’ve only seen this being reported in the Daily Mail so take that for what it’s worth. However, they are reporting that 14-year-old Logan Clark was a special needs student. Clark was the student at Hug High School in Reno, Nevada, who was shot by police after wielding knives in the high school.

What I haven’t seen reported is what his special need was. Since the bullying claim seems dubious, in my opinion, I would lay odds that it will be claimed he has Asperger’s. I am not saying that Asperger’s is a made up disorder or anything like that. What I am saying is, that when it comes to deflecting blame from those responsible for school violence a lot of suspects and defense attorneys will blame the crime committed on the suspect’s Asperger’s Syndrome. Asperger’s does not make anyone a killer and doesn’t corrupt anyone’s sense of right or wrong. To claim otherwise does a great disservice to people who truly have Asperger’s.

Previously, Clark’s father had spoken to the media saying that his son was protecting himself from bullying. Now, his mother has taken to Facebook to also blame other people besides her own son…

‘Our so-called protectors have a duty to set an example themselves. When there is an out of control child, police have a legal and moral duty to subdue rather than shoot to kill or maim.

‘What this boy needs most now are nurturing and the government’s protection from the violence of bullies. So government has failed in two ways. First by harming him, and second by not protecting him in the first place,’ she said.

‘You don’t shoot kids. You don’t shoot our kids. That should be a last resort if any resort.’

Except your son allegedly cut someone in the face before taunting police and refusing to drop his weapons. I don’t know where you got this idea that police have a legal and moral duty to subdue, but they do have a duty to protect as many people as possible and in this case it meant stopping your son before he could hurt anyone else. Personally, I think that parents have a moral and legal duty to prevent their kids from taking weapons to school.

On a somewhat unrelated note, Clark’s father was recently arrested for allegedly driving under the influence. I could never understand the stress that his family is going through right now, so this could be just a one time offense. However, if there is a history of alcohol abuse in the family that could explain so much of what is wrong with this story.

UPDATE 1/2/2017: Clark is being moved to a rehabilitation hospital and is said to be communicating with his family.

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