Sue Klebold gives TED Talk: Same old song and dance

Columbine killer’s mother still tone deaf in son's murders

Back in November Sue Klebold, mother of Columbine coward Dylan Klebold, gave a TED Talk about mental health issues. Apparently, they’ll let anybody give a TED Talk, but I digress.

Here is the talk in its entirety…

Here’s what I took away from it; this is nothing we haven’t heard from her before and she still refuses to acknowledge her responsibility in the Columbine tragedy. I don’t think she’s solely responsible for it; as I’ve said in the past, it was a perfect storm of failure between the shooters’ parents and local law enforcement. However, I do believe that she shares a great deal of responsibility for allowing her son to carry out the brutal murders of 13 innocent people, alongside Eric Harris and influencing every copycat school shooting that has happened since.

Once again she doesn’t apologize for her inaction. Instead, she apologizes for what her son did, then almost immediately negates that apology by blaming Columbine on everything else but her son. She blames his suicidal tendencies, the supposed easy access of guns, and Eric Harris. While Dylan Klebold may have had mental health issues, and was a lackey to Eric Harris, his mental issues weren’t so great where he didn’t know the difference between right and wrong. At any time he could have walked away, just like anytime you could have done your job as a parent and actually checked up on what he was up to.

She’s not as brave as so many people keep claiming. She’s doing nothing more than trying to rationalize her son’s murder spree, refusing to acknowledge that he had any willing hand in it, or the fact that she could have easily prevented one of the most tragic crimes in our country’s history.

4 thoughts on “Sue Klebold gives TED Talk: Same old song and dance”

  1. You obviously aren’t a parent. Probably a millenial who has nothing better to do than rant and rave. If you are older than you are either an unmarried loser or a horrible father. If you knew anything about teenagers then you’d know in many cases, they can manage to have very secret lives. Do you live in such a black hole that you have never heard of the fact that kids from all types of families can get away with using drugs or drinking without letting on? You know what, you aren’t even worth my time. Take your ignorance and hate and go away. Your “blog” and opinion are useless.


    1. You got me. I’m totally a millennial. I’m so #woke.

      Seriously though, most reasonable parents at least make an effort to find these so-called secret lives led by their children. Neither the Klebolds nor the Harrises made any such attempt and ignored all the obvious signs that were there.


    2. If it’s “useless”, why bother posting? To say nothing of how worked up you are over Trench acknowledging Mrs. Klebold’s refusal to acknowledge that she could have prevented her son’s deadly spree, or at least pulled him away from the likes of Eric Harris.


  2. First of all, Sue, we forgive you. And yes I agree with this article. She is responsible morally and legally, as he was 17 and it doesn’t require a huge leap to make the case for the sentencing and punishing of parents when children commit such crimes. Legally speaking, she would have broken more laws and assessed more fines had her dog bit her neighbor than what her son did at Columbine. Our cultural is partly to blame. We no longer require parents to parent. What parents are allowed to get away with today would have horrified most of our grandparents. I think this story is a Call to re-educate ourselves on parenting and the absolutely huge responsibility one has to bring another human into this world and raise him. It’s a call for more common sense, smart thinking about how to raise children in today’s world. We require licenses and certificates for many things in our world, but then do nothing to require good parenting. It’s a call for family values, dinner together every night, no staying out late and a hard hand on a child’s private life. Children don’t get to have a private life until they are mentally ready to have a private life with other people engaging in private phone calls and closed bedroom doors. Privacy comes with adult hood. A parent is not to be a friend, they are to be a parent. This boy obviously had many questions and issues about life. Unfortunately he was able to hide it from his parents and deal with it while engaging in his private life with his friends and in his room with the door closed. Mental Health receives a whole lot of misplaced blame. He was mentally able to do a lot of other things successfully. To think that he was then all of sudden unable to control himself from killing people and then blame that one act on mental illness is incredibly weak. Parents are not absolved from responsibility when their child does something horrific. He was an unsupervised child, who over time used his child brain and child emotions to come to some very wrong conclusions about his life and the world around him. We have watered down the truly great responsibility it is to have a child and we are seeing the negative consequences of that. Because he was allowed to live a private life with long periods of unsurpervision, I do feel the mother is indeed responsible, liable and legally responsible for her son who our Law defines as a Child.


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