Kik kreeper convinces girl to run away from California to Texas

Kik kreeper convinces girl to run away from California to Texas
Ash Morgan Arthur

32-year-old Ash Morgan Arthur, of Harris County, Texas, was recently arrested when it was found that he allegedly had a 15-year-old girl living in his house. Arthur is accused of meeting the California girl on the mobile messaging app Kik before convincing the girl to run away from Woodland, California to Texas.

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I’m extremely curious as to how the girl got to Texas from California considering it’s a trip that’s almost 2,000 miles by car. Did he buy her a plane ticket, or more likely a bus ticket? Did he make the 4,000 mile round trip from Texas to California and back again to pick her up from her home? It’s not unheard of for online predators to go to such lengths to procure their victims.

Of course it was determined that Arthur was ‘having sex’ with the girl, or as it should be called, child rape. This should come as no surprise, considering Kik is rampant with sex offenders and pedophiles. Again, because this app is so popular among teens, and even pre-teens, it’s become a veritable hunting ground for predators. If this app is on your child’s phone, you should be concerned with whom they might be talking to. You may trust your child, but do you trust the stranger on the other end? You shouldn’t.

3 thoughts on “Kik kreeper convinces girl to run away from California to Texas”

    1. Those are some really good apps to use. However, you also have to be careful of kids getting their hands on devices you have no control over. Sometimes they either use their friends’ devices and in some extreme cases have been given additional devices by predators.


  1. First and foremost, it is so easy to judge others by higher standards than we hold ourselves. I cannot stand to see these types of people allowed to prey on the innocent. I do believe that all should stand accountable for what they have done.

    Now with that being said, you without sin cast the first stone.

    It matters not if you believe in God or not, the verse stands true for everyone. Have we not ALL sinned and broken the law in some manner? Have we not all said things to someone that we shouldn’t have? Have we not all done some sort of damage to someone else simply out of spite or emotion? YES WE HAVE! Some just didn’t get caught.

    Ash Arthur and I grew up together. I have known him over 20 years. Ya, he seriously screwed up and should be held accountable ( which he is currently serving a 40 year agg sentence ) but the fact that all the media wants to do is destroy every shred of his life is just as repulsive as what he did. Of all the things that the government is doing to America right now, all you can do is report sickos online? Let’s broaden our picture a bit. Take the creeps off the street but remember there is more out there


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