Facebook refuses to remove hoax picture accusing man of child abuse

Facebook refuses to remove hoax picture accusing man of child abuse

I originally posted about the Cody Wright child abuse accusation here, back in December of 2015. For the TL;DR version someone posted an uncensored version of the above picture on Facebook. I believe the picture to be a hoax because there has been no arrest, no criminal charges and no mentions in the media in over a year. Even though there is no factual evidence to support the accusations, the photo still gets spread around Facebook like it’s gospel. People who claim it’s true can’t even agree where it took place. Some say it’s New Hampshire, others say it’s Manchester in the UK, some say it’s Florida and one person has even claimed that it happened in Manchester, Indiana. This story has all the markings of being an urban legend, born out of a false accusation.

Right now, a new round of infecting the less intelligent among us on Facebook has occurred, and this time it’s been shared over 500,000 times. Since it’s going around again I thought not only would I remind the Facebook zombies that there is no proof that it’s true, I’m also going to share my story of trying to get the photo removed from Facebook. I mean, we hear all the time about how Facebook is trying to fight ‘fake news’, yet they’ll let a baseless and possibly libelous picture that has the potential to destroy an innocent man’s life spread like a disease on their network.

First off, let’s talk about the numbers. The post I attribute to the first main spread of this misinformation has been shared over 43,000 times since it first appeared in late 2015.

The second post that seems to have spurred the latest rash of postings was also posted in December of 2015, and since that time has been shared almost 600,000 times.

I thought to myself that this has to stop. Surely, this picture violates some part of Facebook’s terms of service. Well, according to Facebook, it doesn’t.

I reported the first post as harassment and this is the reply I received. I removed the names of the posters because I’m not an irrational douche, but I digress.

Then I reported the second posting as inciting violence, and this was the response I got from Facebook.


So let me get this straight. Posting what basically amounts to a bounty poster and the picture of a severely injured child with no evidence to back up the accusations doesn’t violate ANY of your ‘Community Standards’, even though posts like this in the past have severely damaged innocent people’s lives? Yet God forbid you post a picture of a mother breastfeeding her baby and Facebook will bring the wrath of God down upon you.

If anyone is reading this, who has a decent heart, go to Facebook and search for ‘Cody Wright’ Manchester’ and you should be able to find the original posts. Please report them to Facebook. Maybe if enough people report it we can finally put these unfounded accusations to rest. Also, please consider sharing this story on Facebook. Maybe if this post can become as viral as the original picture we can get it taken down.

Lastly, to those of you who believe it’s true, show me proof. Not third-hand information you heard from the girl’s cousin’s brother’s roommate. I mean actual evidence, like an arrest report or news article. Until then, shut the fuck up, sit the fuck down, and move away from whatever device you’re using because you’re just making the rest of Facebook as dumb as you.

UPDATE 3/29/2017: I found another instance of the picture being shared. This time it had been shared over 100,000 times. I reported this one to Facebook as well and again I received the same answer.

Someone with more cache than I have needs to ask Facebook why this is considered acceptable by their ‘community standards’. If anyone reading this happens to be a reporter or journalist, could you please submit a media request to Facebook asking them why they think this is the best use for their platform?

11 thoughts on “Facebook refuses to remove hoax picture accusing man of child abuse”

  1. Facebook is as “DUMB” as the guidelines are. It’s no use complaining about posts or graphic pictures, because facebook won’t do anything about removing them. I wonder if it’s a computer generated decision of what can be and cannot be removed.

    I’m not calling anyone on facebook dumb, just the people that work for them.


  2. Found the guy’s FB page. There are photos of him and this same little girl. So calling it a hoax is a lie! You must be related to him or his attorney. (Trench’s note: Removed link for privacy reasons.)


    1. You got me. I created this fake site with 17 years of content because I’m his lawyer. 🙄

      For the record, that doesn’t prove anything. The girl could have been hurt in an accident, or at daycare, or by any number of people. Again, show me an arrest warrant and then maybe I’ll believe you. Until then stop trying to ruin this guy’s life.


  3. It was just posted on my wall today Jan 6, 2018. I couldn’t find any info on it besides a couple sites. Made my hinky meter go off. Never heard of this case before.


  4. Maybe someone should make a photo of Zuckerberg next to a toddler with a caption that reads: “Help bring this man to justice for molesting babies” or something similar and we’ll see how quickly it gets taken down.


    1. I find that hard to believe given there is nothing in your news about it. I too have looked into this since first seeing it. I don’t share random crap on my wall without proof a crime was committed. Do you have any reference I can use to locate this man’s arrest or an incident report? I am not calling you a liar I am honestly finding it hard to believe.


  5. so. let me say that this did happen. the dude is a scumbag I know this first hand. this guy beat up the child. the mother who dated the guy sadly suffers from chronic substance use disorder. When this all went down my roommate and friend of 30 years is the grandfather to this precious little soul. There was a witch hunt for this jerk and do to his much deserved fear for his life the mother not only lied for the man as I would assume he had a typical abusive way with dealing with her as well, but she also helped this man leave town and move to none other than Nebraska. Mr assume this and that who goes by trench or whatever silly name you use. the police had little evidence to prove the abuse took place due to his claim that she fell on the table. and the mother in her state with the controlling and abusive ways of this punk backing him at any cost even the suffering of this poor child. top that off with them leaving town they couldn’t move forward on any charges based off of hear say. but. before you are so quick to assume something that you have zero first hand knowledge of and take an uneducated hard stance on something why don’t you leave yourself open to both sides? the mother no longer has her custody of this child. hmm wonder why. I know why mr trench. do you? no you don’t.!! but I bet you can assume. your good at that. you do the math. this poor child went on to even more tragic evils committed on her and I am disgusted with the capabilities of humans. take a look around. the police are not automatically in the right. they are not always just. the court system itself is flawed beyond repair I fear and just because we are all legally innocent until proven guilty that doesn’t make us so. many of these people are in fact guilty. and guilty to and extreme degree. add to it a flawed justice system and in many cases crooked public servants. so much damage is done and goes in checked. people like this get away with things to just go on and hurt others. I can say for those that have compassion in their hearts for innocent children the guy did get his. street justice took over right or wrong at least the scumbag got to feel what it is like to be on the other hand of abuse. pray for 5his little girl she is a strong soul and now because of a careless mother and a few evil man she has a very tumultuous road ahead. and Mr trench. be careful for who you defend without the proper background info. it could make you look not only stupid but as if you have poor judgement and a moral fiber on level with this type of loser disgusting child beating POS. I prefer to give you the benefit of doubt as we all make mistakes and I see the platform your behind is at it’s base level coming from a good place and your trying to do a good thing I appreciate that. but please be careful. your defending a man that actually did this to a real live child. this is not a lie. and some how the little girl still manages to smile. I hope you never have to deal with anything like this and or none of your close ones or family have to deal with this. it’s awful. and a child’s soul was destroyed here people.


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