Mountain View High School stabber enters into plea, could still face adult time

Mountain View High School stabber enters into plea, could still face adult time

The last time I posted about the stabbing attack at Mountain View High School in Orem, Utah, I mentioned that the 16-year-old suspect was being offered a plea that would keep the suspect in the juvenile system. At the time I lamented that because the suspect was charged with five counts of attempted murder, he should be processed by the adult system.

Earlier today, the suspect pleaded guilty to four charges of attempted murder in the juvenile court. He was sentenced to an indeterminate amount of time in the juvenile system which could see him be held up until his 21st birthday. However, there is the matter of the fifth attempted murder charge.

For the fifth charge, he’s expected to plead guilty to an adult charge of attempted murder. That means once his juvenile sentence is complete he will be transferred to an adult facility. He’s looking at a six to 15 year adult sentence. So far I have not heard why the fifth charge was worth being charged in adult court while the other four were not other than that charge was first-degree felony of attempted aggravated murder with substantial bodily injury.

So potentially, this suspect is looking at 20 years total in detention for the attempted murders of four people just because the suspect wanted to cause as much violence as possible. While it seems like a long time, I’m not sure 20 years is enough time due to the brutality and blatant disregard for life in this violent crime. What do you think?

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