OSBI searching for possible additional remains of Carina Saunders

OSBI searching for possible additional remains of Carina Saunders
Carina Saunders

Agents of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations have been searching two vacant properties in Oklahoma City for the additional remains of Carina Saunders. Carina was 19 when she was killed in 2011. Her dismembered body was found in a duffle bag behind a store in Bethany, Oklahoma. I was under the assumption that her complete remains had been found, but apparently I was mistaken.

Agents are using ground-penetrating radar in order to possibly find the last of Carina’s remains. The properties were rumored to have been occupied by people who allegedly knew who killed Carina but were too afraid to come forward due to fear of being killed themselves. While some may find this outrageous behavior, I can kind of understand because in the past there has been a theory that Carina may have been killed by a Mexican drug cartel as a way to send a message to someone close to her. While that may or may not be true, I could see how that could scare a neighborhood into silence.

So far the OBSI has not released what led them to check these properties or if they have found anything as of yet.

Investigators are still asking that if anyone has any information about Carina’s murder please contact the OSBI Hotline at 1 (800) 522-8017.


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