Person of interest in Carina Saunders murder texts local news station

Person of interest in Carina Saunders murder texts local news station

Another odd development in an already bizarre story. After agents of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations finished examining some Oklahoma City properties in the Carina Saunders murder investigation, the person who once owned the properties responded to a local news station.

As mentioned in my previous post, the man who used to own the properties is Kenny Richards. Not only is he believed to have allegedly prostituted Carina, he’s also believed to be the last person to see her alive according to news reports. After his name appeared in the news earlier this week he sent a series of text messages to local TV station News 9.

In a series of text messages, Richards said, “It [sic] all wrong…I told police everything I know.”

Richards explained via text Wednesday evening, “She [Saunders] was a friend of mine…I miss her, too!!” … “I have nothing more to say!!”

I’d be interested in knowing if News 9 reached out to Richards or if he reached out to them. They left that more than a little vague in their article.

The article does mention what items investigators were specifically looking for.

Saunders’ personal items were listed including shoes, socks, bra, underwear, belt, T-shirt, handbag and her wallet.

Investigators were also hoping to recover parts of her body that have been missing since she was found dismembered in a duffel bag in Bethany.

Considering they wrapped up their investigation of the properties early and said that the OSBI recovered items of interest, could they be finally getting closer to bringing Carina’s brutal killer or killers to justice? We can only hope.

2 thoughts on “Person of interest in Carina Saunders murder texts local news station”

  1. Kenny Richard picked Carina Saunders up at Taco Bell on Reno and Rockwell Ave. He said he dropped her off at some apts at NW 41st and MacArthur. If she was just wanting a ride, then why wouldn’t she have just had her cousin take her there? It’s not all that far from this Taco Bell.
    Or what about having the person she was going to visit come pick her up?

    Furthermore, WHY ever would ANYONE jail house confess to dismembering a young woman if they didn’t do it? That doesn’t make someone look COOL. That makes a person look like shit which is why the guy he told tried to let the proper authorities. Unfortunately in Oklahoma it’s kind of tough to distinguish the proper authorities from the rest. That’s assuming there’s still a few left.
    Idgaf what people want to say about Carina Saunders, no one deserves what was done to that little lady.
    Massey and Ruiz wouldn’t need to pretend like they’re mean-ass dirtbags, everyone already knows they’re as nasty as rodents. Just
    take a look at their ratsheet.
    Maybe KR had a debt to pay? Was he trying to sell his “friend” out? Did Massey or Ruiz
    Have a score to settle?
    They all have had very serious drug charges and they’ve all been on the other side of the law. Jimmy Lee Massey has had a bunch of breaks though. And strange how Kenny Richard was hanging out with the dancer who decided to commit suicide by shooting herself in the back of the head. (…Clinton death camp flashbacks)
    Kenny knows more, that’s all there is to it. There’s a connection with Richard Ruiz Massey.
    Unbeknownst to some, Richard has a relative working for the OSBI. The no good bureau of irritation. As crooked as DA David Prater is i’m surprised the OSBI isn’t his boss. You never know though.
    In Pyongyang on the Prairie expect worse than the unexpected. It’ll still be worse than that. About the OSBI- take a look at their resume(aka ratsheet). Have they ever solved a major crime? Not including April 19, 1995. But everyone knows- they didn’t solve that crime either.
    There’s more victims than what you’ve been told. Unlike McVeigh, these people were ‘put to death’ over that event and then swept under the rung. Hush hush sweet Oklahoma.
    RIP Kenneth Trentadue, OKC LEO Terrance Yeakey and possibly one of the first responding nurses on the scene.
    I don’t like conspiracy theorists bs, we have enough problems in the real world to deal with. But realistically, Oklahoma is no stranger to corruption.

    I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I wonder, will it ever?


  2. they know! they don’t care instead they violate the shit out of people like they do me. carry out mass amount of electronic harassment stalking exploitation and create false legal issues for me make false accusations to dhs. literally my life is completely fucked and i am never going to obtain legal help with the threats or any of it! it’s so tragic and disturbing…. it makes you wish you didn’t survive shit!


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