Massachusetts Kik kreeper guilty of getting 150+ boys to send him explicit pictures

Massachusetts Kik kreeper guilty of getting 150+ boys to send him explicit pictures

(Story broke 6/13/2017)

Here’s another assclown I wish I could get a mugshot of.

Anyway, 24-year-old Curtis Simoneau, of Framingham, Massachusetts, pleaded guilty to child porn charges after he admitted to receiving explicit images of over 150 underage boys by using the mobile messaging app Kik.

As online predators are wont to do, Simoneau posed as a 14-year-old girl from Maine named ‘Laura James’. He would use the boys he met on Kik to introduce him to their friends continuing the cycle. Investigators found 1,128 videos and 712 images of child porn on his various devices.

This isn’t Simoneau’s first rodeo either. While I was trying to find his mugshot, I discovered this article from 2010 that details his arrest at 17 where he downloaded child porn off the internet to trade with other child porn collectors. For that he was placed on probation and look how well it worked. By well, I mean not at all.

There should be no probation for predators like this. Neither strikes nor breaks should they be given, just incarceration. While I’m not a fan of continued recreational drug use, let’s let all the dope smokers out of prison so we can house scum like this a hell of a lot longer than they are now.

Sentencing is set for October 2nd.

UPDATE 10/4/2017: Simoneau was sentenced to 17 years in federal prison.

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