Former school board president wanted “Daddy Daughter Role Play” on craigslist

Former school board president wanted "Daddy Daughter Role Play" on craigslist
Robert Vashaw

(Story broke 4/27/2017)

50-year-old Robert Vashaw was arrested by the Aurora, Colorado police back in September of 2016. Back in April. At the time he was a school board president, but resigned shortly after his arrest. Back in April, Vashaw pleaded guilty to child solicitation charges due to a craigslist ad he posted.

The ad was entitled “Daddy Daughter Role Play” and was not very subtle as to what he wanted.

The ad read in part, “Daddy knows you’ve been a naughty girl. I looked at your computer today and saw all the naked pictures of boys. I’m going to tell Mommy unless you do something for me?? Would you like to play?”

He then started communicating with Aurora police, who were posing as a 12-year-old girl who responded to his ad.

Vashaw: “HI, How old are you?”
Undercover female: “I’m almost 13 … totally understand if ur not cool with that …”
Vashaw: “Wow. That’s so hot.”
Undercover female: “Really.”
Vashaw: “Yes Really. But I don’t want to get in trouble. But I would like to know more.”

When he was arrested, Vashaw claimed that this was absolutely, scout’s honor, the very first time he had tried something like this. His ad sure as hell doesn’t sound like someone who was doing this for the first time. He’s looking at two years in county lockup when he is sentenced at the end of June.

Again, for every craigslist creeper that is caught by police before they can hurt a child, there are scores more out there who are not being caught. If craigslist were to actually spend some of the millions of dollars they make into moderating their ads, just think about how many children could be saved. Instead, pedophiles and sex offenders are using craigslist as their own personal Amazon for children.

UPDATE 6/27/2017: Vashaw was sentenced to a paltry one year in jail.

14 thoughts on “Former school board president wanted “Daddy Daughter Role Play” on craigslist”

  1. the true actual crime of child solicitation is not prevalent utilizing adult dating sites like Craigslist and can be easily proven with existing court documents. This is a rare case of it occurring because true predators do not utilize adult forums to prey on victims..and that too has been verified in studies from the NCMEC In Florida, their numerous sting operations are not addressing a particular problem with men soliciting minors on adult sites, they are manufacturing criminals in order to keep their operations highly funded by the DOJ. It can easily be shown that true predators like the Ronald Browns of society are not looking for victims in such a manner. I’m not saying Craigslist doesn’t harbor people posting ads with wrong intentions and we all know horrific crimes have resulted from CL ads, but you’re not going to save many childrens’ lives through craigslist because those crimes are not rampant. Why would any true predator use an adult forum to prey on children? The answer is, they don’t


    1. This from the guy who allegedly said “Well I think she is a bit young, lol but depends on what you have in mind,”

      You really are the king of justification aren’t you?

      Do you happen to have any links to those NCMEC studies?

      Also let’s not forget the craigslist crimes where actual children have been involved necessitating these stings.

      Just to name a few.

      By the way, don’t bother posting a link to your website as it’s been added to my spam list.


    2. “the true actual crime of child solicitation is not prevalent utilizing adult dating sites like Craigslist and can be easily proven with existing court documents. This is a rare case of it occurring because true predators do not utilize adult forums to prey on victims”

      LOL Okay. This happened near me by the way:

      “A press release from LPD said Jordan Reece Chavez was arrested after police looked into a sexually-charged advertisement that expressed interest in children allegedly posted by the suspect on a website .”

      Bro I go on Craigslist personals a few times a week and these kind of ads are EVERYWHERE.


  2. well how the heck have you been Trench? lol it is good to hear from you. there’s no need for me to try to justify anything. I’ve only tried exposing illicit tactics that LEO’s use to ensnare innocent men who have no intention of violating the law utilizing adult dating sites. That’s it….i’m not defending anyone who would want to perpetrate crimes at all especially those involving minors. If you want some documentation, i’d be more than happy to share that with you, but I’m not here for a drawn out and heated battle, lmao i’ve already won anyway. There is plenty of online information/news stories on the subject as well. I’m glad we can keep things respectful this time, because that is going to be the only option


      1. of course I have links, i’ll send you this one for starters from the Crimes Against Children Research Center. It’s shared through my google drive but I’ve highlighted the pertinent info in the link below. Don’t misunderstand me now, we all know there are idiots who use Craigslist in ways it wasn’t intended for and there are few times where these idiots post ads similar to the article you posted and I’m glad these true criminals were dealt with, but the problem is that true predators are not lurking in these areas looking to groom their next victim . There is more research on this as well and it’s said that they widely utilize “multiple player” gaming sites, etc. When was the last time anyone heard of a sting operation being conducted on a multiple-player gaming site? It doesn’t happen, or at least I’ve never heard of it. The concept of the sting is to catch the perpetrator before he commits his dirty deed, not to lure otherwise law abiding men into an unsuspecting trap by utilizing illegal tactics just to “cook the books” making it appear as if Craigslist is the apparent hangout for predators. This is simply not the case and hopefully you can finally kinda see where I’m coming from. If you need other court documents/info I have, let me know


        1. Craigslist should definitely be monitored for the those few who do post ads, similar to this article, but the DOJ shouldn’t be giving out $$$ millions of taxpayer dollars to LEO’s with little oversight to conduct their predator stings mainly on CL and a few other adult dating sites….that is absurd, but that is what’s occurring. The ICAC program is seriously flawed and needs changing. There are issues with the federal code that could easily fix these things, but I’m not a legislator so American’s will continue to be scammed into thinking LEO’s have hit a gold mind where predators lurk with CL until someone figures it out. You know how many of these guys arrested are released, serve no jail time, are not RSO’s, had their cases dismissed, etc? Alot…..and it’s not because of any technicalities I can assure you, it’s because they’re not catching the bad guys. They’re catching suckers, not criminals.


          1. Sorry, but I find it hard to believe that even if it’s the suspect’s first time looking into underage victims that they didn’t have the inclination to begin with.


          2. But the suspects arrested in Florida stings are not responding to ads involving minors. They are bait and switch ads. If I showed u some of the ads they posted you’d be like WTF?


        2. I don’t disagree with that study as it’s common knowledge that kids are more likely to be molested by someone they know than some from social media. However, that study was published in 2010 which means the data was probably from years before that. The social media landscape has vastly changed in the past 7 years requiring even more police and parental action.


          1. And I absolutely agree with u there. So i requested numerous FOIA documents from the DOJ as well as statistics from FDLE on related charges prior to when the actual stings took place. The data clearly shows that there were miniscule arrests under these statutes prior to stings meaning that there is no doubt that CL poses no significant risk for those using the site to prey on minors. This defies the very definition of what a sting operation is. Judd has used these stings and the media to mislead the public. It’s a big ass scam.


      2. ahhh, you are an adamant pro-Judd supporter. This would explain your unwillingness to at least remain somewhat objective with these sting issues, and I can understand that. But if you were true to your motto of “Truth, Justice, Freedom” then I would think you’d have to look at things with more of an open mind. I also believe you’ve done some good work in creating your website and seem to have overcome various obstacles along the way. As a former Criminology major, i find it very interesting, but I also find it very interesting of how the system is very injust. I don’t remember having that class during my studies, but one thing is for sure, I wouldn’t throw information out there or make wild, unfounded claims if I didn’t have the facts and know the truths. Judd has had it in for CL for years and has used it as his own personal playground to try and show the world that because of his approach, he is making a difference, but is he? yea, right….i don’t think so. It’s pure propaganda as it relates to these stings and he has already been found to be in violation of procedures used to ensure innocent men are not being wrongfully arrested in stings. Once again, i do not defend those who want to cause harm to others….my cause has always been to expose the truths, lies, and corruption by law enforcement and explain why it’s occurring. And Trench, i’d love to see what kind of CL crime data/statistics you have as well if you’d be willing to share. Work with me a Even though we don’t necessarily see things eye to eye I think that we can both agree that trying to reduce/eliminate CL related crimes would be a great thing.


        1. Yes, I’ve been a fan of Grady Judd for some time because not only does he take a proactive approach toward online predators but his work against human traffickers as well. I’m also a fan of Cook County, Illinois Sheriff Tom Dart who caused the credit card companies to stop allowing Backpage users using their credit cards to place ads for prostitution.


          1. I have nothing against the proactive approach that catches true criminals not manufacturing them then lying to the public and it has been shown that Judd has been lying to the public about sting arrests. I broke down every single Florida sting and every arrest. The data does not compute with their media portrayals. It’s all about getting those DOJ $$$ to them.


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